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I'm always happy to help people learn about Facebook and how to make it work for business. I offer a lot of free advice (as well as paid one on one sessions of course). 

From time to time people want to thank me for some help I've given freely, which is very gracious of them. If that's you and why you're here I send my thanks to you. 

Money for coffee (or tea) and maybe a slice of cake is always welcome. Thank you kindly. 

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Sarah Laker
Sarah Laker bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for being just amazing and sorting all my social media issues. x

You're very welcome and many thanks for the coffees 💜 

Julie your hypnot
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Many thanks for the coffee xx

Becky Field
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You just amazing..... that is all #bemoreanna

Aww thank you beautiful 😘 

@boldmovescoach bought 3 coffees.

Thank you so much for your help Anna. Enjoy your coffee x

3 cups! Fabulous thank you x