Bitcoin is still the number 1 cryptocurrency in the crypto market, there are many ways to earn free Bitcoin, anyone can do it.

If you are interested in how to earn Bitcoin, this article is for you, today’s post is dedicated to the ways you can earn free Bitcoin or earn money with Bitcoin.

Here are the ways to earn free Bitcoin that you can refer to, plus we also have the analysis to help you grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the form of earning Bitcoin that you are learning.

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Facts about the ways to earn free Bitcoin should know?

Although there are many so-called ways to earn free Bitcoins, in reality this so-called free is almost non-existent.

If you think that earning Bitcoin is easy, or making money with Bitcoin is easy, the truth is not like that, I am sorry to tell you.

Basically you have to spend time or a little money effort, in return you get paid in Bitcoin or other currencies that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

To start earning free Bitcoin, you need to learn the following 3 basic factors:

Earnings Potential – How much money do you earn (Bitcoin) from this form?

Attempts to achieve – Effort here is understood as how much effort and money you need to spend to earn Bitcoin.

Level of Risk – This is also a very important factor, in many cases effort alone is not enough, you can still get scammed from services that allow you to earn Bitcoins.

If you have understood the above basics, now we will show you the ways to earn free Bitcoin, these methods are all experienced, now we are sharing our experience with you, this helps you avoid the risks inherent in the internet.

What do you need to prepare to start earning free Bitcoins?

Exactly you will need a wallet that holds Bitcoins, there are many types of wallets, like cold wallets and hot wallets.

We won’t go into it, you can choose any wallet to hold Bitcoins, but if you need advice, the Faucetpay micro wallet is the choice if you want to receive micro Bitcoins.

In addition, KucoinMexcBybit are the top 3 exchanges, you can choose to use Bitcoin wallet here, why we recommend the above 3 exchanges, the reason is very simple, here you can easily more in making Bitcoin profitable.

Earn free bitcoin - How to earn free bitcoins 2022

How to earn free bitcoins 2022

While it is not really easy to earn Bitcoins, it is not without a way to solve the problem, here are the best ways to earn your Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Earn Bitcoins by Faucet

  • Effort: Medium to High

  • Income: Low to Medium

  • Risk : Low

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to earn free Bitcoins. Basically you will need to complete simple tasks, like watching ads, solving captcha, survey… then you get a small amount of Bitcoin.

Faucets are part of PTC sites so they don’t earn too much, if you want to earn more from faucet you need to join multiple faucets or join affiliate program from faucets to earn free Bitcoins.

Owning a Bitcoin faucet is also a great way to earn Bitcoin but they need you to put in a lot of effort because all faucets need a lot of traffic to generate a steady income.

We can recommend you some of the best Bitcoin faucets available today like Faucetpay, FaucetcryptoCoinpayU adBTC


Use browser to earn Bitcoin

  • Effort: Low to High

  • Income: Medium to High

  • Risk : Low

There are many browsers that allow you to earn cryptocurrency, for example Brave, now there are better browsers like CryptoTabPresearch

They are both great browsers for you to easily earn Bitcoin or PRE (you can convert PRE to Bitcoin easily).

With Cryptotab you just need to download and use it every day, especially you can use your computer or phone to mine Bitcoin with CryptoTab.

Presearch is even simpler, daily search replaces Google, Bing… and receive cryptocurrency, yes that’s all.

Earn free bitcoin - How to earn free bitcoins 2022

Join the Airdrop

  • Effort: Low to Medium

  • Income: Low to Medium

  • Risk : Low

Airdrops are campaigns to promote cryptocurrency to the community by giving away a limited amount of cryptocurrency.

Participating in a cryptocurrency airdrop is easy similar to a faucet, you also need to perform tasks like signing up for social networks, reposting posts… finally waiting for the airdrop distribution time.

One of the best Airdrop channels you can refer to is mycointainer and airdropalert

Tipping Bots And Platforms

  • Effort: Low

  • Income: Low to Medium

  • Risk : Low

There are many platforms that allow you to tip and receive cryptocurrency, they are completely free, we can recommend you a good one, which is Publish0x.

What you need to do with Publish0x, you just need to see the post, then get 80% tip, the author get 20%. It’s too simple to get started, you can see the whole thing about Publish0x here.


Earn money with Bitcoin by mining

  • Effort: Low to Medium

  • Income: Low to Medium

  • Risk : Low

Bitcoin mining has been around for a long time, with popular methods like owning a high-end mining rig. Mining with this model is sometimes unprofitable with risks such as machine malfunction, wear and tear, BTC price drop compared to cost… a lot of factors make it unpopular everybody.

Is there any alternative solution?

Of course yes, we suggest 2 alternatives, Bitcoin mining with CryptoTab browser and Stormgain. They are completely free, all you need is a phone or computer with an internet connection.


Cryptocurrency trading

  • Effort: Medium to High

  • Income: Medium to High

  • Risk : High

This is the best way to earn cryptocurrency, but this way is also risky, so you need to have a good knowledge of the market, allocate capital, control emotions.

There are many ways of trading such as surfing, holding cryptocurrency.. to make a profit. There are many typical good cryptocurrency trading environments such as StormgainKucoinBybit, Mexc, … these are famous platforms for their safety and reputation.

Earn free bitcoin - How to earn free bitcoins 2022

Affiliate Crypto

  • Effort: Medium to High

  • Income: Medium to High

  • Risk : Low

Joining crypto affiliate programs is one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrency be it Bitcoin or other coins.

You can generate good and passive income if you have crypto advertising platforms like social media celebrity, Crypto Blogger, Cryptocurrency Youtube channel… By publishing content related to cryptocurrency, attract users to such content, get paid in return when they use the service.

You can join exchange affiliate program, faucet, airdrop… everything crypto related.

Cryptocurrency Lending

  • Effort: Medium

  • Income: Medium to High

  • Risk : Medium to High

What you need to do is choose a reputable cryptocurrency lending platform, next make a loan agreement, and finally get your interest.

There are many platforms you can choose from, 1 of which is Nexo, earn $25 free bitcoin by depositing $100 for 30 days. It’s too easy to get started, get a Nexo account and earn $25 by registering an account here.

nexo banner


  • Effort: Medium

  • Income: Medium to High

  • Risk : Medium to High

Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn staking rewards. 

Some protocols offer asset holders the ability to earn rewards via Proof of Stake, which means that you’re able to earn rewards just for holding a minimum balance.

Earn free bitcoin you don’t have to staking Bitcoin, you can deposit USDT, ETH… The best staking platforms are on exchanges like KucoinMexcBybit …

banner mexc global

Shopping and Cashback

Effort: Low
Income: Medium to High
Risk : Low

Do you often shop, did you know you can earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by shopping? Shopping and getting cashback in crypto is happening now, where more and more platforms accept Bitcoin payments.

You can basically download apps, then buy anything, finally get %back, depending on the platform discount %, there are platforms up to 30% back.

Shop on Ali Express and get Bitcoin cashback on Timebucks which is a great way to save your money. How to make it work, see the instructions below.

How to earn money on Timebucks 2022

Duties/Freelance job

Join sites that provide freelance jobs like watch promotional videos, sign up for an account, like, survey … after you complete the task, the task poster will check and pay you.

The best job platforms are TimebucksPicoworkers… these are 2 of the top reputable platforms that you should join.

Final Verdict

There are many ways to earn free Bitcoin, we have listed 1 of the ways that most people are using for your reference.

Choose 1 of them or all of them to make you as much money as possible.

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