Buy Emma a coffee


Hello, recently I've been concentrating on growing an online community and sharing ideas for fun family activities that can be done at home or are covid-19 safe. I hope this goes some way to help other parents cope with the added pressures of the pandemic. 

My 'proper' blog work is unfortunately completely dependant on the restrictions on family attractions and days out, but I'm hoping that the online community will support me by clicking through and reading my blog posts, and engaging with my social media posts. 

We were also dealt an unexpected blow with James being diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic after a very scary week long stay on the ICU in March. We are still learning how to manage this together as a family, it's been tough going! 

Caffeine is getting me through in real life, but if you have been enjoying my content or found my Facebook posts helpful you can buy me a virtual coffee! It's always nice to feel appreciated and it will help towards the monthly running costs of the blog.