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What if God is bigger than monogamy only?

What if God is bigger than abstinence only?

What if God is bigger than heterosexual sex?

Here, we seek to discover God’s presence in our sexuality.

Unfortunately, many have been hurt, directly and indirectly, by traditional evangelical church views on sex and sexuality. In my own process of unlearning many of those destructive views and practices, I’ve learned to recognize God within many forms of sex.
My hope is to simply have this conversation. This is not a place to argue or to point out the speck in someone else’s eye when ignoring the plank in our own. What if we dared to ask the question, “Where can we find the love of Christ in the kink community, non-monogamous relationships, the queer community, sex work, etc?”

I think we might be surprised at what we find. Join me, share your stories, give grace to one another, and lets seek God together in our most intimate human experiences.

-The Dirty Minister