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Delightful Disrupture - Level BASIC
per month
  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • 2 short videos - presenting and outlining the thought-word-deed axis of the Spiritual concept of the month
  • 1 monthly live workshop - discover your own practical application of the concept and its disruptive aspect.
  • 1 inspirational note - my view on the state evoked by the concept and its representation through a nature element
  • 1 creative prompt - put your focus on the beauty and express yourself in art&craft even if you are not "artistic soul"
Delightful Disrupture - Level DEEP
per month
Limited (12 of 12 remaining)
  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Access to the Delightful Disrupture - Level BASIC
  • 90 min. group coaching call - completely personalize the applicative/creative aspects of the monthly Spiritual topic
  • Community that is not on Facebook - a sparkling and safe place to share your creative work
per month
Limited (7 of 7 remaining)
  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Access to Delightful Disrupture - Levels BASIC&DEEP
  • 60 minutes individual coaching call - get a deep and clear insight on where to put your focus and how to maintain it.
  • Accountability - be called upon for your actions and transform your Personal Spiritual Practice
  • One of my poems - illustrated/spoken by me


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Danica's Full Moon Circle


Nov 05, 2021

Delightful Disrupture Membership - a word or two