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If you like the videos and would like to buy me a coffee, feel "free" to do so. The money that I save on coffee will go to food for our foster friends.

Hello there, 

We are both teachers and animal welfare is another one of our passions. 

I create free video tutorials for teaching credential candidates.

We also foster many animals friends at our home, many of whom (yes, we anthropomorphize around here) need special care. If you'd like to send us a buck or two for this endeavor, feel free to do so. The funds go into the Coffee Can.

We post updates here. Well, you will only see me, because my wife doesn't want to be on "TV":

Thanks for stopping by,

Chris B.

Some Assembly Required...

Feb 20, 2020

Dear Everyone,

Here is the update on our catio...

We are hoping to have our friends using the cat door to their outdoor sanctuary soon.

And then? More fosters!



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To our friends with two or four legs:

Feb 07, 2020

Well, we moved recently and we are busy having the "catio" reassembled for our feral friends and our future foster cats. I will post some pictures as the reconstruction continues.

We really appreciate the coffees, as we really do put the funds into caring for our animal peers.

No person is obligated to donate a cent, especially if you have trouble buying coffees of your own - but do know that we are grateful to those folks who can and do support our efforts. The generosity really does go toward our rescues and visitors and it elevates the quality of their care. 

In gratitude,

Chris B.

The two feral brothers, Shiny and Sweety, hanging out together in the old catio at our old house. They cant wait to get into the new one - we haven't told them that it will be a month or three before the window is cut and the catio is open for the street kids.

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Sarah bought Chris Boosalis 5 coffees.

I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into these videos.I have several colleagues that have taken the RICA multiple times. I took it and passed on my first attempt,  thanks to your study materials. I wish I could buy you a thousand coffees -Sarah-

Sarah - that is so kind of you. I am glad that you succeeded. Please know that is was your hard work that paid off. Your generosity is much appreciated. 

Diana Zaragoza bought Chris Boosalis 5 coffees.

Thank you so much!!! Your videos helped me pass the RICA on the first try. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are very generous, and I am glad that your hard work paid off! May there be no more tests of this nature in your future. Regards, Chris B.

Charnelle bought Chris Boosalis 5 coffees.

I believe I sent you an email, but thank you again for creating these RICA videos. I unfortunately got a 219 out of a 220 on the test, but I would not have been able to receive such a great score without your videos. Thank you again and I hope buying this coffee is as helpful to you as you have been to me. 

Hi Charnelle,    I am so sorry that you missed by one point. It is very frustrating to hear such stories. You will get this behind you.    I feel obligated to return your gift - please spend the funds on a nice lunch while studying for the next test. You are a very generous and  kind person, but it is more important that you do something nice for yourself while you prepare for the next attempt.  You will succeed!  My best regards, Chris B

Christine B bought Chris Boosalis a coffee.
Amber Pitts bought Chris Boosalis a coffee.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! These RICA videos are the best study prep I've found and I am so grateful that you put them here for free. 

I appreciate your kind words and the coffee! Best of luck and thank you again! Chris B