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Astro forecast; Mercury ingress into Lib ...

Astro forecast; Mercury ingress into Libra. 30th August 6.10 GMT

Aug 30, 2021

Mercury zipped through its home sign of Virgo within 2-1/2 weeks and is now in the sign of Libra where due to the retrograde period it will be until November.

In Libra Mercury really can be silver tongued. The ideal placement in a chart to represent a mediator, strategist, ambassador or diplomat. There are lots of opportunities for this to play out in the world at the moment in many of the tense situations currently unfolding.

For our personal lives this is a time to really think about what we want to say, how we want to communicate and be received by others. Libra loves to have a discussion, but it has to be a well balanced one. If one side gets unbalanced then this Mercury in Libra will play devils advocate and speak for the other side. It can be infuriating to be in this sort of discussion for those of us that are not up to keeping with the swing from one side to the other so quickly. Mercurys' wit and charm loves this sort of game but for others it can be exhausting.

Once Mercury goes retrograde on 27th, there will be backtracking and that can include taking back words we didn't mean, or apologising for some other communication or outright deception. Be mindful of your communications in all forms, no one wants to have to apologise for miscommunication.

Up until 11th, Venus is still in Libra supporting Mercury activities, this will be the best time to get anything done that requires mental agility, study, schooling, important meetings, social gatherings or good communication in general.

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