I have been a bit quiet recently as I had the pleasure of attending the Astrological Association UK, 53rd annual conference last weekend. It was an amazing 3 days, where I met some wonderful people, and attended some brilliant talks and workshops. Standouts for me in no particular order were, Dr. Frances Clynes, Christeen Skinner, Christian Köing, Giorgia Pecora, and Sue Tomkins. I didn’t see all the speakers as there were over 50 talks but the ones I saw these stood out as informative and well presented. For anyone considering attending in the conference in the future, I highly recommend the experience.

As for this Scorpio New Moon; it can be very easy to use words such as intense and powerful when trying to convey Scorpio themes. They are of course very common and useful descriptions, however, there are many more ideas to consider. This New Moon is one that brings an extra punch to it due to the opposition to Uranus in Taurus and the square to Saturn, among other factors. Therefore, we are not talking rainbows and unicorns here, this New Moon will be asking a lot from us and, for some of us it may feel as if we have been doing enough already, thank you very much!

The Cop26 conference is currently being held in Glasgow, which seems to be interesting timing. There have been so many factors raised over the world with regards to the Uranus in Taurus umbrella. Petrol shortages, personnel shortages for drivers, gas and food prices rising, all can be connected to this transit of Uranus through Taurus. As the conference discusses new innovations to improve our world climate, we will hopefully see the scientific community connect with the world Governments to improve the future of our beautiful planet for the health of future generations. This would be a greatly needed (if a lot too late) improvement to the climate and pollution issues.

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in Scorpio to form the New Moon, as with all transits with Uranus, there can be unexpected, surprises that can occur. We can also find we feel pushed to do something out of our comfort zone, or we get an impulse to suddenly make a change we would not have given any thought or planning to. These sudden changes can make us feel a sense of release or freedom that we wonder how we have waited so long to make the change. There are the Saturn energies that pull back to try and restrain, but Mars is also strong in Scorpio and the Moon has to pass over Mars tomorrow to form the New Moon conjunction, so there could be a Mars outburst that could ignite or trigger the sudden changes.

I am a believer in forewarned is forearmed, that is the principle of astrology for me. When we are aware that the Astro weather is a little blustery we put on the correct Astro clothing in whatever way you feel helps, be it a spiritual practice, a mantra, crystals, etc. We all have coping mechanisms. Over the next couple of weeks, we will need to put those into use, as Scorpio season is going to be a bit stormy.

At this Scorpio New Moon, have a think about what you feel you need to bring up from the depths, are there underlying feelings about a situation that needs a light shining on it? I feel that when issues are left partially buried they are at their most dangerous. If you have put off dealing with an issue try and find time to bring grace and peace to the situation, metaphorically take it off the heat so it doesn’t boil over. Emotions could get frayed and that then leads to outbursts. If you are feeling a need to escape to victory, if possible try and find a way to release a little of the pressure without letting the lid blow. Have a bath, meditate, go for a run or walk, whatever you need to remove yourself as much as you can from the stressful situation, then see how you feel after leaving yourself a little breathing space. Sometimes the need to break free is real and sometimes it’s just a passing feeling. Try not to make rash decisions is what I am really trying to parse here.

In the Hindu, Jain, and Sikh traditions, the festival of Diwali is held at this time, which is a beautiful celebration of the victory of light over dark. The fireworks that will be let off over the festival are a very literal and pretty representation of a New Moon opposite Uranus. If we can keep that idea in our hearts that in the darkest night the light shines its brightest, it can guide our thoughts onwards towards the light within.

At any time you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, which can also happen, please reach out to friends, family, or organisations that offer help and friendship. There is always someone who can offer love and support.