Jan 20, 2022

Sun ingress into Aquarius 20th January 2.39 am BST

We move from one Saturn ruled sign to another as the Sun ingresses into Aquarius. As Saturn takes up all the heavy lifting of two signs in a row, it is worth looking at the reason why. I had been asked this week to think about this in relation to sunlight and it certainly has helped me to get my own head around the signs and what they actually mean in relation to their ruling planets.When the Sun moves into the feminine Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn in December, the Sun is at its lowest point... more

Dec 10, 2021

Astro forecast Venus Conjunct Pluto @ 25° Capricorn, 11TH December 16.29 GMT. Leading into

Venus is the planet that likes to harmonise, bring together different elements, enjoy, love, and bring beauty. At the moment Venus is slowing down in Saturn's receptive/feminine sign of Capricorn, getting ready to turn retrograde on the 19th. This is not a rare occurrence for Venus, she has retrograde periods every 18 months approximately for around 40 days. What is unusual is her transit from the point of view of us on Earth, She seems to conjunct the exact point of Pluto just as she... more

Nov 28, 2021

Astro forecast, Mercury Conjunct Sun, Monday 29th November 2021, 04.39 GMT

As Mercury joins in conjunction with the Sun in Sagittarius, I can’t help but think about the royal herald being summoned back by the King or Queen, to collect the edicts that need to be announced to the world.This conjunction happens in a decan ruled by Mercury, which connects to the tarot card the 8 Wands, its Hermetic title The Lord of Swiftness. This is a card that represents the quick thoughts, messages, and ideas that the human mind when, at its best is capable of. On a mundane... more

Nov 22, 2021

Sun enters Sagittarius 22nd November 2021 2.34 GMT

For any other of you Sagittarius risings out there; if you have felt as I have through the Scorpio Sun time that you wanted to retreat into a safe, warm space away from the world but couldn’t, I am totally with you. I felt a weight lifted from me when I woke up this morning.The Sun has entered Sagittarius, which is good news for us all as it moves one planet out of all the difficult squares and oppositions that have been bombarding everyone over the last few weeks. Mars is still very... more

Nov 14, 2021

Astro forecast Mars opposite Uranus 17th – 18th November 2021

This transit has been building since Mars entered Scorpio, as in the Hellenistic tradition as soon as the planet moves into a sign the feeling of any connections that planet will make is felt. It’s a bit like being in a bedroom and hearing someone coming through the front door. In this case, the front door was kicked in and Mars is stomping up the stairs in all His armor.The opposition is seen as a confrontation in the chart, a facing off against the other planet, neither side wants to... more

Nov 04, 2021

Astro Forecast; Friday 5th November Venus enters Capricorn 10.44 GMT, Mercury enters Scorp

This Scorpio season really is a busy astrology period. I opened my diary to add an appointment in and at some point in the past this year I have marked out the whole following two weeks as ‘stay calm days’! I will have to remember to take my own advice!Venus is about to enter the sign of Capricorn, preparing to don her power suit, packing her briefcase ready to march into the boardroom and take control. This is not a Venus who is all lovey-dovey, this is a Venus looking to take back... more

Full Moon on Wednesday 20th October 2021, 15.57 BST
New Moon in Virgo, Tuesday 7th September 1.52am GMT
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Astrology forecast; Mars ingress into Libra, September 15th 2021, 1.14 GMT
Full Moon in Pisces, Tuesday 20th September 2021, 00.55 GMT
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