Okay I haven't owned a pair of AKG's for many many years and some might say that's a bad thing but in this sense I think it's a good thing to be honest, it's means I am not swayed either way. I wouldn't be buying the K361BT's honestly if there's $10 bucks difference sure thing go for it but personally if there's like $80.00 difference between the pairs I would say back another horse but where these shine are if you can only afford to have commuting and everyday cans and production cans then the BT's version might be the compromise for you but for me there's a few reasons why the K361BT's just won't cut it in 2021.

The carry bag that comes with them is a dark blue Demin looking draw string bag, it's padded basically and feels nice to touch and has a great system for getting the job done it is just one big pocket though I feel like its a step in the right direction for those of us who aren't travelling with these but for me I have been on the road with these over the last few weeks and I am finding the bag to wear perfectly fine showing no major signs of wear. I don't feel like the bag is going to get dirty easily which is a plus side!

The included audio cables are some what thick no where near as thick as the AT cables but that's okay I don't feel like these cables will wear out easily like some of the other cables on headphones I have used in the past (cough, SOL Republic) so that's a bonus as I am not sure of what the situation is on getting your hands on replacement audio cables to be honest, but the USB Charging cable can be picked up from most officeworks, this is where my first concern comes.

I know that AKG released these headphones a few years back but a maybe a K361BT MKII could be brought out but these are still rocking the OG micro usb I am not sure what some of you guys have in your tech kits when you rock out, but I wouldn't normally be found with a Micro USB cable but I have a Nomad universal cable which has a Micro USB and my Panasonic camera charges over MICRO USB so I am now getting in to the habit of ensuring I have one, but it does borderline on a hate side for these headphones at this price point, I think there's so many other headphones out there that rock USB C, and that's the future.

So for me personally I think the using these wired are where they really shine and for music production purposes, but at the end of the day the bluetooth version does have really good mics for using with phone calls and people say you sound clear when talking through the K361 over BT and that's a bonus for me, for the last 6 weeks these have been my daily when seeking for cans.


I think the AKG K361s are worth it for wired production cans but I think unless you can't afford a second pair of BT cans then you most definitely better off with the K361 non BT version, I just find the Micro USB connection to be such a drag on devices now days, like I don't know I use to avoid carrying a micro USB.

I do love the sound stage and the separation between instruments and the vocal clarity on these and that's just a fact of life, and I don't regret this purchase but I think if I brought the next model up, I would learn and only buy the wired version for the fact of the micro USB.