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Dreamin' - MOOG

Dreamin' - MOOG

Jun 21, 2021

So I am writing something a little different today and for a lot of you, you'd have heard of moog in the music industry and that's not without due cause. Moog is iconic and legendary in the music and some one asked me at what point in music do you consider yourself as making it? and that's going to be a different answer for everyone and that's just a fact of life, it's kind of annoying saying that it's going to be different for everyone but that's life.

For me making it would be owning a Moog GrandMother - Ideally the Dark version cause that's motherfreakin' awesome to be honest, I would live and breathe to own anything by Moog to be honest and that's just a fact of life! I have never had the chance to own a piece of Moog gear, sure I have had my noodles around on them in stores but never have I ever been able to call a piece of MOOG gear my own.

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