I haven't forgotten about making my animated feature film. I've just changed my mind about some things.

First, I will make the movie on my Chromebook instead of my smartphone--more storage. Second, I've got a variety of titles to use: DK'S DREAM MOVIE, RANDOM ACTS OF 'TOONAGE: THE MOVIE, IT'S JUST PLAIN FUN...I'm leaning towards the second title. Third, I think I'll shorten the running time to around 30 minutes instead of 75--but I've still got that Walt Disney pioneering spirit that created SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. Fourth, I'm using Draw Cartoons 2 PRO for the animation, with another 2D animation app to add special effects. I just have to decide where to get the music.

I'll be giving you updates while I'm working on RANDOM ACTS OF 'TOONAGE: THE MOVIE. Hey, I just made a decision!!