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Hi. I'm DLKR. 

My parents are from the UK, and I grew up in Australia. In 1989 I came to Japan for the first time and fell in love with Tokyo, the world's largest megacity. I've been living here since 1997 and still feel a sense of awe and wonder walking its streets.

Tokyo is impossibly vibrant and endlessly fascinating. Neon-drenched alleys at night, pretty parks, timeless temples, all kinds of people, and unexpected glimpses of nature's miracles—it's all here in Japan's capital. I'm still exploring. Still discovering new things. And, it never ends.

Even the most mundane scenes can make for great photography opportunities. I shoot whenever I see something I'd like to share with you, my audience. Sometimes the best shots result from impulse snaps.

You'll find that I don't stick to any particular photography style and that my pictures' artistic derivations are also quite random. I'm experimenting to find what feels like the best aesthetic to convey to you the magic of what I saw in front of me.

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