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My name is Deanna.

I had my first spiritual awakening at the age of 17. Now, I am 27 and following my dreams as a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Artist and Musician.

Everyone loves hearing about spirituality, hidden teachings and the wisdom of the universe right?

If you want to dive deeper into your own Spirituality, WHY you are here and HOW to heal and evolve into your highest dimensions of consciousness, then this is the place for you.

Like I said, I am an Intuitive Healer and Energy Reader. I love to share my healing gifts as a practitioner but also within the realm of healing arts and music. I consider myself a guide and bringer of ancient wisdom to the Earth at this time.

Actually, many of us are here for a particular reason at this time- that is, to bring the teachings of the Eternal One back to this realm- The Original Krystic Teachings. We have a very special mission and purpose to encrypt this field with our organic blueprints of LIFE so that we can rid ourselves and this planet of any programs within this matrix that are not serving the highest good of all beings! 

This is a very interesting time on this planet my friends, and we are in for the ride of a lifetime. 

I believe that we all deserve to live the life that our soul truly desires to live; meaning, we all deserve to follow our passions and our highest joy! No one wants to be stuck in a dead- end job, waiting for the weekend. That is NOT why we are here and it does not feed our soul!

When each of us decides to take the leap to follow our heart, then we get to share our passion and gifts with other's around the world. And, hopefully inspire them to do the same for themselves. This is how the world heals. One step and one supporter at a time.

I ask for your support so that in turn, one day, someone will support you in the path to following your dreams.

I thank you in advance for supporting my work, and I would love to create something beautiful for you in the form of art, music, a reading or a healing session.

 Here is how you can check out the website for my healing practice:

I share a lot of my teachings on youtube:

and, I share most of my artwork on my facebook page!

Peace and Blessings to all!!

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