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DNAcademy is an accelerated learning course for domain names, built for entrepreneurs & investors.

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Great content, Mike!

Logan, you're the man. Thank you for supporting our journey at DNAcademy. 🙏

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Hey Anonymous...you're ✨.

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Thanks from comebackkim.com ! Love your channel and all that it and you represent.

Thank you, Kim!

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MICHAEL CYGER is a good man :D . I like you

Thank you, Vovi. .

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I can't imagine starting out in this wonderful Industry without your very valuable resources. Thank you very much Mr. Cyger

You're very kind, Mark. Thank you!

Michael Calabretta
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Thanks, Mike for the Unicorn Video, and all that you do helping the domain community  

You're a rockstar, Michael. Thanks for supporting our research and education! .

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Thanks for all you do, Michael! You're amazing!

Thank you, Kate! . I have a fun article coming out about one of the most famous companies in the world tomorrow. Thanks to you! .

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My greeting from the Middle East,  You are an awesome teacher and the way to explain your knowledge is amazing. THANK YOU 

Thank you, Ahmed. Much appreciated!