Just as I run out of actual coffee Wojtek (@luboxon) buys me a coffee here!

Thank you!

In the future, perhaps the saved money in the account on BuyMeACoffee can trigger a drone delivery or perhaps more simply, a bag of ethically produced coffee straight to my door.

Looks like this site has evolved since I last looked at it. Feels like a small super simple newsletter platform. How well does it embed photos though? I must have a cheesy portrait on my desktop I can post here. I do!

Here is one of me looking like an out of work security guard with a home made haircut.

Of course that radio is actually a Yeasu FT3DE. Not a cheepo walkie talkie.

As a licensed Ham (2E0AKA) It accompanies me when I am away from my main radio station. Yeah... and you thought you were ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.

If you want to be better prepared drop me your spare cash into this site (you won't need it where we're going) and subscribe to my scribblings here.

I've written enough to feel a little nervous as I can't see a save button. There is also a box I can tick so this goes directly to the inboxes of people who have previously donated. No idea if they have agreed to this though. I'm going to take a chance. I feel pretty confident the folks that have bought me a coffee in the past are not the kind to freak out at an email from me. I shall drop in a little extra LOVE and should we ever meet in physical space remind me that I owe you a coffee AND a cake.

[Bug report: after posting a photo the cursor ends up before the posted image and should really be afterwards.]

That last photo was taken 12 years ago. It was the only one I could find with coffee and cake in. My usual emails have fewer photos of me. (This is just a test.)

Here are a few links (some silly) to sites you may not have visited so I can test the bullet points.

There. I finally managed to sneak in some actual value.

If this works and you like it, can you please test the BuyMeACoffee button? This will of course ensure that you get all future posts that I send here. FOREVER.

As it's Friday I really must get back to my normal dispatch. This week it will be sent to paying subscribers only. A group of people I regularly thank from the bottom of my heart. Writing, curating and sharing stuff is my main income at the moment.

And one last thank you to Wojtek (@luboxon) for reminding me (with his generosity) that this place still exists. I like how it has evolved and will be sure to return.

Thanks for reading. If you did not click any of the links you may feel hollow and empty right now.

Good luck out there. If you are allowed out there.


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P.S. Just found the 'save as a draft' button!