It's not often I make the time to do video anymore. For this video I rested the phone against a teacup and recorded into the front facing camera while using the Rode Wireless Go with a lav mic. I then shot a couple of 'cut-a-ways' and did a quick edit in iMovie. So quick that I didn't realise that the audio was too low and had to re-edit and upload the following day. This is the re-upload with slightly boosted audio...

Even a quick and easy tech review like this one can take an hour. Or longer if you mess up the audio :-P

But I have plans to create more polished videos with apparent ease. Or should I say we have plans. All going to plan myself and @uchujinphoto will be collaborating on some mini projects as we hone our kit and skills to get ready for paid projects in the new year.

So if you know anyone needing full service video production let me know. All projects considered. Anything from social video posts up to full blown documentaries. Also video editing offering captions and motion graphics etc.

So watch this space. Or rather where I really should be focusing right now as it's a Friday.

Speak soon I hope.