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Hello! 👋 My name is Dan Leveille and I'm a freelance developer based in Los Angeles. I'm a one-person team and I've been building Dododex, the ARK companion app, since December 2015. If you've found Dododex to be helpful, and you want to support my work, I'd appreciate it! 

Supporting Dododex 

If you'd like to support the development of the app, your donations will go towards the following:

  • Hosting (majority of Dododex's costs -- Dododex gets a lot of traffic!)
  • Software and service costs
  • App store and other related fees
  • Domain registration fees
  • Cost of running Dododex's Google Home integration
  • Advertisements (Dododex occasionally runs app store ads targeted at ARK players.)
  • Contractor / freelancer costs. While this is not common, it may be more common in the future. Dododex sometimes pays developers or other talent to help offset the workload.
  • Buying me an actual coffee, or, maybe more likely a cocktail. I've spent countless weekend nights drinking while programming Dododex. 🤪
Bence Lörincz
Bence Lörincz bought 3 coffees.

Thank you, Bence! I appreciate the support! :)

Rich bought a coffee.

Already bought Dododex Pro because you deserve the money. Even though (or especially because) I'm not a daily player, I wouldn't have had a clue without Dododex. So useful to have everything at hand, from tips on new Dinos to kibble recipe reminders, knockout info (no more killing the best dino you found in a week) and the tame and esp starve timers. Really glad you continue to support the app, possibly even well beyond your own interest in the game. You should consider selling the rights to the publishers of Ark ;-)

Thank you so much for the coffee and Dododex Pro upgrade, Rich! I'm so happy the app has been so useful to you! 😄 

You're very welcome. You deserve more but I'm between jobs at the moment so I need to save my pennies. All the best! 👍 

Roch Lefebvre
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Someone bought 4 coffees.
Purr bought a coffee.

You've created an amazing resource. Thank you. 

Glad you've found it useful! Thanks so much for the tip! :)