Maa is an opensource robot that will entertain puppies and teach them to communicate with people. The development started in 2020 with the food dispensing module, but took more than a year because I was using dry foods and all of my previous designs were prone to clogging.

With the use of the syringe filled with cream cheese, everything is much more simple! I also started to experiment with the button. I think I can use a hollow soft transparent hose, sealed at one edge or in a loop that measures the pressure inside. I ordered some pressure sensors and will have to wait for a couple of weeks for them to arrive.

A hypothetical future dog will bite the hose in different rhythmical patterns assigned to whole words (not letters) and get a cheese treat whenever one is correct. In the future, Maa can be portable with a speaker that translates and pronounces what the dog "types" by biting the hose.