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Hey! 👋 I create videos on Youtube and make music. My videos so far have consisted of me summarizing and giving my takeaways from famous short stories. Some people have found them helpful for their studies. If there's a book that you would like me to make a video about, please email me and I would love to give it a read. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2017 and have a Masters in Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago. 

I also release music under the name "Mandala",  and you can check that out on Youtube (channel name: Mandala Raps), Spotify, Apple Music, or however you listen to music. My debut album called "American Pope" was released in May 2021.

I would greatly appreciate any support you can give. If I could do the things I love to do full-time, it would be a real blessing. Even if you just watch my videos, I appreciate you! Thanks!

Dominic Bertino

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