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Exploring a Different Side of Japan

Several years ago, I noticed that many of the local governments in Japan were failing to properly market themselves to foreign tourists. Sensing an opportunity to rectify the situation, I put to use the skill set that I had accrued launching some of the biggest brands into the Japanese market. With a combination of comprehensive content and laser-focused targeting, I've been able to put huge swaths of the country on the radars of overseas visitors.

Seeing as I am deeply rooted in a Japanese company as a marketing executive though, I have no time or desire to turn any of this into a business. That said, sourcing these guides is expensive and the travel costs do certainly add up. If my writing has provided you any value in the past and you'd like to support future adventures, I'll humbly accept event the smallest of donations to help offset the costs.

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I finally read your article on Iwakuni, having no idea where it is, and was thrilled to read it's very close to Hiroshima/Miyajima, which is on topppp of my list. Thank you for the useful article, as usual. Keep it up!

Thanks so much! It's a great add-on and I highly recommend it. 

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Thank you.

No, thank you!!!!