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Hi there! I'm Donny 👋🏻

If this is our first time meeting, know that I am a digital marketer and growth hacker living in Tokyo. For the past several years, I've been using my online skill set to put Japan's many hidden gems on the radars of foreign tourists.

In addition to my blog, I also put out a ton of content about Japan on all the many social media channels. While now is a bit of a bad time for inbound tourism, it's my hope that these pieces of content help people connect with new places in Japan.

Since I am a full-time digital marketer, I am actively NOT looking to monetize my content. At the same time though, all of these expeditions do take their toll on my back account. If my content has provided you with value and you feel like giving back, know that I never say no to a coffee! :)

See you around travelers!