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Hi there! 👋 I'm the creator and host of Donuts and Devos, a devotional podcast just for kids (ok, and adults too!). Each week we have a new podcast episode that you can listen to, along with free printable resources on our website including coloring pages and activity sheets.

I'm a mom of 5, a pastor's wife, and a homeschooling mom - so I understand all too well the challenges that come with growing and strengthing a child's faith. Devotions can be a struggle in the every-active family household - and that's why we hope to make this area of parenting just a little bit easier with our resources!

As we work hard to create more content for families and churches, we greatly appreciate your prayers and any support you can give us! Writing, creating, producing, and editing all our content often keeps me up VERY late at night and calls for EARLY mornings...this requires many coffees for me!! :) 

We hope you enjoy our devotions and most importantly, your kids are learning about Goid, hearing His Word, and getting "sprinkled" with His love each week! If you'd like to supoprt us in our ministry, we'd greatly appreciate a coffee to go with our donuts!! Thank you and God bless!