Feb 03, 2022

Ezra Furman

If Liza Minnelli and the Violent Femmes had a love child, their name would be Ezra Furman – a songwriter who found recognition in their own country, the USA, pretty late in the game, and whose words, music and aesthetic currently provide the texture to Netflix hits like Sex Education.The Violent Femme’s playful, raunchy baselines echo through much of Furman’s music, which is equally peppered by the rasping genius of Minelli in her Cabaret prime. Furman’s sound –... more

Nov 18, 2021

Know your weapon!

Weaponisation is a hot media topic, but general public understanding of how rhetorical weaponry works is low. Which presents interesting opportunities for progressive leaders, and their organisations...Public discourse is a blood sport, and in 2021 the rhetorical warheads fly particularly thick and fast between us. The sport itself is also the subject of scrutiny. Who hasn’t read a thought leadership article lately about the ‘weaponisation’ of language, ideas, concepts or even... more

Oct 07, 2021

Storytelling Lessons From San Quentin

Personal storytelling doesn’t deliver sure-fire emotional rewards to everyone. But it can be a uniquely powerful force for organisations …The idea that self expression inevitably equates to personal catharsis was a key trope of the Oprah era, and the idea still resonates strongly today. Whether it’s via the interview couch, in your memoir or on your blog, the belief that emotional benefits always accrue after ‘being heard’ is one of foundational understandings of... more

Sep 09, 2021

The tricky business of control

Tricksters are central figures in global mythologies, and, increasingly, in the real world, where digital frisson creates more and more opportunities to challenge the powers that be…From the Coyote in North American mythology to Hermes in Greek mythology to Loki in Nordic mythology to the Ekwensu in Nigerian Yoruba mythology, tricksters are vital characters in the stories we tell each other about the world. They breeze straight through the way things are meant to be, embracing fun, shame... more

Aug 12, 2021

Language: the original lie

We tend to think of language as a tool that provides clarity, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, language can also be considered humankind’s original lie...Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment gateway brands, but it doesn’t service a single African country. The only way around this is to pay Stripe $500 to open a shell company in the USA – a process it points out may or may not be successful.Querying this, I was shoved up the ladder to a consultant... more

Jul 08, 2021


Before television arrived in our lives, short stories were a thing. Most magazines, regardless of focus, would publish them, and often many in a single issue. Short stories were entertainment.Nowadays, they’re rare little pennies you sometimes (but not that often) stumble over while doing other things.In the spirit of random pennies, here’s a piece I published recently on BKO Magazine. Click the link for the whole thing. Apparently it’s a 13 minute read.Quiet by Andrew... more

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