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Jamie is a podcaster, blogger, live code streamer, conference speaker and .NET Developer

Welcome to my BMC page.

I have been writing, podcasting, live streaming, and speaking about .NET Core since the first public betas.

Since 2016, I've produced over 70 blog posts (not counting those for blogs of friends); countless hours of video (live streams) and audio (podcasts); given a number of well received talks; and even produced a number of highly used NuGet packages.

If my work has helped your career in anyway, I'd really appreciate a coffee - I think I've earned one, don't you?

Dave Cluderay
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Erol Karabeg
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I am hooked! Can't drive anywhere without the on. Thank you for putting such a great content together. Sincerely, Erol.

Thank you so very much for the support. I've tweeted out about your support, over on the show's official Twitter account:

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Really great podcast, keep up the good work.

Thanks Matthew!

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Your support means a lot to me, thank you - apologies for not replying sooner

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Thanks, I really appreciate it - apologies for not replying sooner