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Forging Paths Of Deliverance - Breaking Food Addiction

I Want To Ask You To Do 5-Things Today:

1. Will you pray for me and for The Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian ministry?

2. Will you spread the word of what we are doing by personally talking to your friends and family members who need help with food addiction, and by sharing our posts, videos, and podcast on your social media sites?

3. Will you spread the word about our FREE APP so we can connect with as many people as possible?

4. Will you Rate Our Show on our website and put reviews on Apple Podcasts & Spotify?

5. Will you donate and financially support our efforts to reach more Christians who are struggling with Food Addiction?

In doing these 5 things you will be forming trails like me, and my neighborhood friends did in the woods behind my house when I was a boy.  You never know who will stumble upon one of those trails and find a lifestyle of deliverance and freedom from food addiction. (Watch The Video Above For The Backstory)

I appreciate the action you will take to help support this ministry and its efforts.  I know that God will use us to reach and impact millions of Christians who need help.

Thank You & God Bless,

Doug Cromer