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Do you believe in the value of preserving history? Do you believe in the importance of saving heritage languages? Do you believe that creating art and music makes our society more rich? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider supporting my mission in preserving and educating people about the history and culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch, saving our Pennsylvania Dutch language, and performing folk music that tells our story.
Amber Roberts
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Denki fer dei Videos un hatti Arewet!

Gern gschehne! Amber, gross dank fer dei Unnerschtitzing!

Dolly Moyer
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Doug, I'm a member of Beckers St Peters Church in Molltown. I so enjoyed your eulogy for your grandmother, Alma. 

Dolly, thank you so much for your generous donation! 

Derrick Deeds
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Kenneth Beyersdorf
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Gross Dank Ken! 

Sven Barth
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Greetings from Kaiserslautern, rhineland-palatinate

Gross Dank, Sven, un en Griess noch K-Town!