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Do you believe in the value of preserving history? Do you believe in the importance of saving heritage languages? Do you believe that creating art and music makes our society more rich? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider supporting my mission in preserving and educating people about the history and culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch, saving our Pennsylvania Dutch language, and performing folk music that tells our story.
Crystal lynette Walker
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Gross Dank for your support! 

Barry E. TRACY
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Thank you so much for your support! 

I really enjoy your videos.  Helps me practice with my new Amish friends in western MAINE.  More are coming here.

Kyle F Kauffman
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I'm in Northumberland County PA, and the dialect seems to be passing away with the secular folks like my dad born around WW2 and before, i.e. it thrives with the "Amish" only. So I am thrilled to know you are preserving and perveying the culture for us "moderns." Thank you!

Kyle, thanks for your generous support. I am proud to be doing as much as I can for our language and culture. Keep tuning in to new content weekly and keep on "schwetzing"! 

You could build your retirement savings by working for Google to develop their English/PA Dutch Translate tool!

Seth Mogk
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Really enjoying the opportunity to learn online--great work Doug!

Seth, thanks so much for your support and so glad that you are enjoying the content! Mach's gut! 

Kenneth Beyersdorf
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