Okay folks. This message is not going to be about Dove Stage project directly, but about what’s underneath our manifesto and our mission.

I’m hearing from a LOT of people today how disappointed they are in the fact that half of the United States is still committed to racism and willing to let people die of COVID. I gotta tell you that I, though, am not surprised. These forces in our society are EXACTLY why I started Dove Stage Project as a secure place for COVID safe and BIPOC/LGBTQ artists and those who strongly support Black Lives Matter.

In the wake of the hurt I see around me today as the image of America as being “better than that” falls apart, I want to say a few things.

—You can’t change what you don’t realize is true. A lot of well meaning White people are realizing right now that the United States is full of incredibly racist and stupid people. Well, yeah. It is. Us BIPOC have known that, we’re not as surprised as you are.

Now you know. So now you can do something about it, a lot of things, actually.

—The fight is not over no matter the outcome of the election. We’re still in COVID. We’re still dealing with White supremacy. We’re still dealing with maskholes and selfish people. Okay. Keep finding community. Keep wearing your mask. Keep making art. You have support. I support you.

BIPOC/LGBTQ+ people will ALWAYS have a safe place to make work and speak their truth at Dove Stage Project. Now, and moving forward from now. I stand for you, and with you.

—I’m Vietnamese American. My family fought for freedom from colonialism and oppression for 19 years and won. Won without fancy tactical gear or lots of money or toys. They won with determination, community, love, and forming and holding strong tribe. They won by staying the course. They won by being smart.

We can do it.

Don’t give up.

Roll up your sleeves and join us.

Make beauty and speak truth. I’ll give you the platform.

Love and power,

Elaine Dove

DSP Founder

Photo: a beautiful set of lights donated to us by a White ally! Can’t wait to set these up and play with them!