hey there folks! Dove Stage Project updates.

I’ve been a hair slow on getting videos and such out post show due to time. One of my plans is to try to get our whole process streamlined by the end of the summer so that after every show I share clips within that next week. however, as with all things involving live performance, this involves a SYSTEM of people uploading their videos somewhere, choosing clips and posting. We are working on that system right now.

We also ran a test of a new in-person reservation system this last time which worked well and are working out the kinks for that.

Upcoming DSP offerings:

Grid Squid on May 1

Student showcase for aerial students on May 15

Another DSP show, dates June 5 and 12 at 8 pm. I am going to be revising our seating since a new study shows that it’s OK for people to be 3 feet apart outside with masks, even more safe for those who are vaccinated which I’m guessing all of our audience is working on. So we’re going to go to a one show per evening, fuller seating capacity with this new data.

I am guessing that our “full” audience will max out at about 25 but I just have to set up chairs and see how it feels. We are also creating a permanent seating group for the long suffering dance spouses who are at ALL of our shows.

We are still waiting on lights too. Delivery times on any kind of tech equipment have quadrupled due to supply chain issues in the last handful of months. So, we know they’re coming, we just don’t know when. This will allow us to have more graduated effects on lighting instead of the simple set piece lighting we have right now. For graduated lighting effects, you need a different kind of setup (DMX based) and a lighting board to run it, so that’s the stuff your donations helped us buy.

The only other equipment I can foresee us needing is a projector and a screen. The entire pod keeps talking about using projections as a part of dance making, so I’m going to be looking into that since it’s come up like 25 times and these days that equipment is not terribly expensive. I just need to figure out with some professional help the RIGHT kind of equipment for our space.

So yeah! Oh, and we have 3 T shirts coming out soon. Two are humorous DSP ideas and one is about the dog because the dog has all his own things including his own Instagram.

He says hi.