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Hey hallo. 2020: nichts mehr hinzuzufügen, oder? Ich möchte weiterhin Literatur im Internet veröffentlichen und dafür brauche ich deine Unterstützung. Ich übersetze auch ein Gedichtbuch aus dem Spanischen ins Deutsche und dafür brauche ich dich. Möchtest du mir bald ein Buch kaufen können? Hilf mir und spende mir einen Kaffee =)))))

Hey hola. 2020: nada que agregar, ¿no? Quiero poder seguir publicando literatura en internet y para eso necesito tu ayuda. También traduzco un libro de poemas del español al alemán y para eso también necesito tu ayuda. ¿Te gustaría poder comprarme un libro pronto? Ayudame y doname un cafechito =)))))

Hey Hello. 2020: nothing to add, right? I want to be able to continue publishing literature on the internet and for that I need your help. I also translate a book of poems from Spanish into German and for that I also need your help. Would you like to be able to buy me a book soon? Help me and donate a coffee =)))))

For what I need your support? For continuing sharing with you my work, for not working for free =), for paying a translator, ISBN number and printing for auto-publishing, and for smoking!

I thank you a lot for reading my writings and for supporting me with all that.


When you pay artists directly, YOU:

1. Eliminate intermediaries.

2. Give artists your trust so that artists can take all decisions over their own work.

3. Also don't like marketing managers deciding that people like cars in video clips because he or she reads in Big Data that people like cars in video clips.

4. Decide what is art and culture, not governments and institutions. They know what is happening on the streets just from their cars with driver.

5. Continue like till now it was? So I don't want to hear you complain that contemporary art is just shitty pop or art for artists.

6. Make history progress. With 3,4,5 euros YOU can change culture and business, part of your life.

Adrián Dozetas