I've created a web app to help you easily find Apple Arcade games that suit your taste.

The app is here: https://arcade-hub.com

It's a very simple first version, I hope you like it and I'll improve and add new features in the future.

Main features so far:

  • All Apple Arcade games are listed on one page, newly published games will be added weekly.

  • You can find additional information about the game: average AppStore Score, Release date, Last update date, genre, screenshots, description, etc.

  • You can sort the games by "Rating", "Name" or "Release Date".

  • You can filter the games by one or multiple genres.

  • Two view types are available for the main list on the larger screens so you can choose which one works best for you.

Things I keep in mind to add in the feature:

  • Try to add more information about the game from AppleStore

  • Add more game scores, for example Metacritic.

  • Add ability to sign up and add games to "wishlist" or mark it as "Completed". That way you can filter only "not played" games.

  • Maybe add the ability to score the games by yourself. And eventually, add some review system on the site.

I would love to hear your feedback and maybe feature requests on what you personally want to see in the app. Let me know!