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Hello there.

I am the Dragonator. I like drawing, playing games, and making games all on Twitch. I've been a Twitch affiliate since December 2019, and I've been drawing since 2010. I have also been learning game design since that time, and now I have a few games and visual novels.

Terms of Service for all forms of financial support:

If you buy me a coffee, you get a chance of getting a shoutout next time I go on a coffee run (first come first served basis. The more coffee you buy for me, the fancier the cup will be because yum yum 😋), and if you support me while streaming on Twitch, you get one credit worth 100 bits to feed, breed, or fight in the Dragon Pets extension (Limited to 2 per stream, first come first serve).

Members get more perks, from official Discord roles to discounts on commissions and other digital goods.

All commissions, regardless of membership status, must be SFW or Family-Friendly. All except for Sprites and 2D Avatar commissions are for personal use only. Please give credit if you use the sprites or 2D avatars on the Internet. No NFT use allowed, and I will not accept fanart commissions. Tipping before, after, or during a commission is not necessary, but greatly appreciated.