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I am the developer of the suite of heraldry creation tools. These allow you to create coats of arms and crests by entering the description (or Blazon). You can also learn about heraldry, consult heraldic dictionaries or have a unique shield created for you! Use of the site is free at all times, and new features are added regularly. I do this just for fun but appreciate an offer of a friendly cup of coffee to show your appreciation. Thanks in advance, mine's a large latte...

John From CT
John From CT bought a coffee.

Thanks John from CT !

Eric bought 3 coffees.

I've been having fun learning the syntax and creating items... even started a custom UDL in Notepad++ to work on my creations. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Eric! Glad you find DrawShield useful - I'm working on some improved learning resources right now... Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to look at adding.

I've spend a bunch of years doing software testing and technical writing. If you want an extra set of eyeballs to look over anything, please let me know.

Fred bought 5 coffees.

I've been looking for what you have done for years... and you have done it!!! Thanks so much!  And as heraldic comes from French (Old/Middle/...) ... Merci beaucoup mon ami ;)

Thank you so much Fred! It is feedback like this that keeps me working on DrawShield and trying to make it even better. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to add! All the best, Karl

Victor Villas
Victor Villas bought 3 coffees.

Love that you made the grammar open source on GitHub! My wishlist is to have drawings for dragon-volant, dragon-reguardant and dragon-volant-reguardant in the "create from blazon" tool :-)

Thank you! The grammar isn't finished yet but the basics are there. Regarding the flying dragons, sadly I'm not a heraldic artist just a humble programmer so have to rely on others for the artwork, typically wikicommons - they do have "dragons volant" but these are quite clearly actually "Wyverns" as they only have two legs! I'll add them as "wyverns volant" (watch the twitter feed an announcement) but I will also look more widely to see if I can find something of a more dragonly nature. Thanks again, Karl

David Conklin
David Conklin bought 3 coffees.

Here I am buying you another coffee for the great work you do!   Tartan updates seem really cool.  I continue to use your site for inspiration and to check the blazons that are generated via my board game You will be getting a copy once it's available!

Thanks Dave! Let us all know the game comes out - it sounds great! All the best, Karl