Print-A-Poster: Now Free of Charge!

Apr 28, 2020

Hello folks!

This "Blazonry" language is wierd right? Kind of a mash-up between English, French and Latin but even that doesn't make much sense since things that are called "sinister", which is Latin for "left", ... see more

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Thanks for the Memories

Apr 24, 2020

Remember the days of fancy handheld calculators where you could "STO" results in a memory and "RCL" it for use later? Well now DrawShield has the same thing, but for blazons! Look at the screenshot below and you will see a new set of buttons (you m... see more

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Keep Calm and Create Heraldry

Apr 19, 2020

My goodness but DrawShield is annoying! You've learnt blazonry, designed your arms, typed the blazon into DrawShield and what do you get? A mess of stuff all over the screen and cryptic error messages, "unexpected this", "missing that... see more

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Fun with DrawShield

Apr 17, 2020

Welcome to the "Fun with DrawShield" blog!

The purpose of this blog is to have fun with the heraldry creation tools available at . These tools allow us to create coats of arms and heraldic crests, along with other symbols like fl... see more

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