Video killed the radio star

So, after much time talking about it I have finally made a DrawShield video!'m aware that it is a little rough in places, and it took quite a lot of work to produce... more

18 October

"That would be an ecumenical matter..."

So I've been working on achievements...Ecclesiastical HeraldryFirstly, I'm starting to add ecclesiastical achievements (used by members of the church in their personal arms and also in the... more

14 October

On Punctuation - A Proposal

The sentence structure punctuation marks (comma, period, and the colons) are not used very consistently in most published heraldry, so DrawShield generally ignores them, except for the semi-colon... more

06 October

Star of Confusion

Heralds of yore have tended to be a bit inconsistent in their terminology around some of the common charges - in particular there are various pointy things that are described as "stars",... more

17 September

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Get Your Shield Out There!

Hello Folks! I've been working on some improvements to the "Save as File..." dialog.This is the best way to get your shield out into the real world so you can use it in other projects.... more

30 August

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