Hello folks!

This "Blazonry" language is wierd right? Kind of a mash-up between English, French and Latin but even that doesn't make much sense since things that are called "sinister", which is Latin for "left", end up on the right! And then there's all those colour name that sort of look French; "vert", and "or" are "green" and "gold", but "gules" doesn't even appear in my big frikken' French/English dictionary! And as for the difference between a "lion rampant" and a "lion salient", who even knows?

How are supposed to remember and make sense of all this stuff?

Well, one way is to print out the "DrawShield Guide to Blazonry". Previously only available as a custom-print product, it can now be downloaded for free and printed in the comfort of your own home.

The poster is available in two variations, with a coloured background for photo printers or the plain white background (shown here) for printing on plain paper. You can find the download files here https://drawshield.net/resources/poster.html

I hope this is useful to you! If you'd like me to work on a version covering "advanced blazonry", (marshalling perhaps?) then buy me a coffee or few and let me know!