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Hi. I am a researcher, writer, educator, and a former caregiver. 

I have spend 20+ years teaching English to Speakers of other languages, the past 3 years conducting UX research, while looking for full-time work. I also have a Doctorate in Education in Instructional Technology and Distance Education (with my Dissertation on the Utilization of Efficacy Perception of Speech Language Pathologists on Telepractice (prior to Covid-19)). For the past 10 years, I was a full-time family caregiver for my father who had Lyme Disease. The experience of caregiving has led to my new dream and venture.

As a result of the experience of caregiving, I have been doing Neurosculpting with the Neurosculpting Institute. (I am currently looking at the facilitation training). My dream is to provide support to former and current caregivers, as well as job-seekers in finding where they are stuck and finding joy with a new-rediscovered path for a life that is designed for the purpose of joy and purpose. 

The Neurosculpting Facilitation Course, as well as the Caregiver Consultant Certification costs money which I currently do not have. If you would like to support me in achieving my dreams, please donate to this cause.