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Our unique dream dictionary provides only positive interpretations. Even «Death» is interpreted here in a positive way. How? See the end of this description.

My approach is based on the mindset of a modern person following their path to happiness, and it is sharply distinguished from traditional interpretations.

This book was created to help anyone who has had a nightmare or who was scared by a dream. Dreamonicle can dispel your fear and make you feel great. It inspires readers! Also, it provides excellent advice to help you move forward in life. Idea of this book was started by my granddad who interpreted his wife’s dreams in a positive way. She suffered from particularly bad nightmares in those days. I developed this method and formed a society to help people stop their downward spiral after a nightmare and to begin their forward progress. The society is a narrow circle of friends, and Dreamonicle brings our ideas to everyone here on Amazon.

The book also contains a discussion of methods about how to have healthy sleep, how to go to sleep at night, and how to be calm before sleep and suffer from insomnia. In no time at all, it can help readers feel great. The current edition includes more than a 1000 interpretations of common and symbolic dreams.

This book may be a perfect present for your grandma! It is for everyone who is aware about the great effect of positive thinking. And for everyone who is aware, but perhaps his spouse, grandpa or partner is not, then this makes for a great gift.

Important: there is no statement in the book that it provides only positive interpretations. So, the person who reads it will perceive it as a usual dream dictionary. It makes a positive effect even better for the person who receives this book as a gift.

As I promised, a sample:


This is an ambiguous symbol that is interpreted differently in different systems. Often this is simply a warning. Think through every act carefully, and act calmly and confidently.It is also a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It comes when a man is about to find a new path.Such dreams are often seen by people who, in reality, do not let go of their past. We must reject what we cannot change and try to make our present and future better. Reorganize your thoughts and think more about what needs to be done for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.

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