Buy Dr. Greg Goins a bourbon


Hey everyone. Welcome to my listener support page.

Don't be fooled by the name - I'm not a coffee drinker, although you might find me using the free wifi on occasion at the local Starbucks. However, as someone that lives in the heart of Bourbon Country (Kentucky), you can bet that I'm always ready to raise a glass and make a toast to all the amazing educators out there leading the way to help "reimagine schools."

Since I first began podcasting in 2015, I've often been asked about how listeners can help support my work as a content creator and champion for education reform. The simple answer is to keep listening and continue to share out episodes with friends and colleagues in your school district. 

For those that are really invested in the mission to transform schools, you now have the option to "buy me a bourbon" to help show your support and enthusiasm for the Reimagine Schools Podcast. Of course, you're not actually buying me a drink (I wish) but instead this page allows you to make a small donation to help offset some of my costs to produce new episodes.

If you choose the "buy me a bourbon" feature, please leave me a comment and some feedback about the podcast. Who knows - I might just give you a shout-out on an upcoming episode. Thanks for your continued support.