This is a Free Calendar that I will use to teach Spanish students the date/ La fecha in December and January. I think it's important to focus on culture and how the way we think of time in embedded in culture and history. I have followed the exact aztec days according to the UNAM Universidad Autónoma de México. Here is a short video clips that provides background on the day signs and the 13 numerical day cycle and how these two ways of marking the days worked together in the Aztec calendar year:

Day Signs

The set of day signs used in central Mexico is identical to that used by Mixtecs, and to a lesser degree similar to those of other Mesoamerican calendars. Each of the day signs also bears an association with one of the four cardinal directions.

They depict in turn the 20 day-names of the tonalpohualli the 18 monthly feasts, and the 52-year cycle. They also show various deities, indigenous religious rites, costumes, and cosmological beliefs.


A set of thirteen numbered days is known by the Spanish term trecena (from trece "thirteen"). Each of the twenty trecenas in the 260-day cycle was associated with a particular deity.

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