I spent the morning figuring out how to make digital dice to see if I could create a virtual version of this classic conjugation game. The first set of games isolate the singular pronouns to introduce conjugations gradually and then add in all 6 different subject pronouns. Each set of game boards gets progressively more challenging. I only used 12 basic verbs to keep the focus on the process of conjugation and not on learning vocabulary (hablar, escuchar, estudiar, descansar, mirar, bailar, practicar, comprar, cocinar, llegar, tomar, trabajar).

I developed this to be used in my online zoom classes while we are virtual, but I plan to also use it in person. I will use this with the entire class to get them engaged at the same time and will try to see how it goes to assign to small groups in Breakout rooms with two students playing and taking turns. Check it out here.