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Teaching Holistic Vision to fiercely destroy and rebuild people's visions and mindsets across countries, industries, and languages (all services available in most languages).


Membership is only for those serious to gut and rebuild their entire core (cognitive structure [thinking foundation] - vision and mindset). This training will beat the hell out of your mind. I am a psychological consultant/trainer and academic who is blunt and takes no crap (i.e. excuses, nonsense, stupidity). Your entire psychological core will be destroyed via intense, deceptively-simple psychological drills. I am not PC.

I have only a tiny amount of time to beat and rewire your entire cognitive core, compared to the decades that created and solidified it. Ergo, I must move fast and extremely hard to do so. This is why I take no crap, and why the training is psychologically invasive and challenging.

This training is used across the world to create Agents-of-Change, Captains-of-Industry, and legacies. It is not for those preferring lazy, casual change; only for those who will move their ass and do everything to become an exceptional high-level problem-solver, and one of the greatest innovators and thinkers.

After this training others will notice an incredible change in your vision, thought, speech, and action. Your entire core will be transformed and you will see things previously invisible (e.g. relationships, opportunities, threats, deceit/lies, truths, people, and yourself) and think in ways previously impossible. You will be a different person.


Global Change Agent for entities across countries, industries and languages. Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, writer of +50 academic, business and personal papers, instructor at multiple universities and academies, expert featured in media platforms across countries, industries and languages. Founded, consult on and teach Holistic Vision (seeing the foundations and interconnectivity of all atmospheres) via highly-engaging workshops of intense and deceptively-simple psychological drills. Method uses the System of Interconnectivity and Psychological Strategy.

Author of "Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day", the textbook on Holistic Vision and most psychologically-intense workbook you will ever encounter to immediately start revamping your entire thinking foundation, cognitive structure, vision and mindset.

● Harvard University-published writer
● Two-time author (used as textbooks in universities)
● Featured on media platforms across countries, industries and languages
● Multiple-university instructor across the world
● Self-taught languages: Hindi, Urdu

● Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology
● Master of Arts in Linguistics
● Master of Metaphysical Science
● Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
● Bachelor of Metaphysical Science
● Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
● Certified Metaphysical Practitioner
● Certified Ordained Metaphysical Minister

● Holistic Vision
● Holism For Advancement Roundtable
● Holism For Advancement World Collaborative Article Series
● World Education Collaboration

● Multi-Million Dollar Companies
● Universities
● Doctors
● Law Enforcement
● Holistic Health Practitioners
● Underprivileged Groups
● Call Centers
● Sales Departments
● Human Resources Departments
● Actors
● Artists/Creatives
● Authors
● Chiropractors
● Church Leaders
● Engineers
● Entrepreneurs/Serial Entrepreneurs
● Gymnasts
● Jobseekers
● Managers
● Marketers
● Parents/Single Parents & Their Children
● Protection Specialists/Bodyguards
● Psychologists
● TEDx Judges & Speakers
● Voiceover Artists
● Writers

...and many others.

● Azerbaijan
● China
● France
● Georgia
● India
● Italy
● Kenya
● Malawi
● Moldova
● Morocco
● Netherlands
● New Zealand
● Spain
● Thailand
● Turkey
● UK
● Vietnam
● Zimbabwe


Always working with experts and laypeople across countries, industries and languages in collaborations (articles, books, lectures/presentations, videos...). Contact if interested in collaborating.

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