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Hey welcome to my BMC page.

I  am creative artist born in Czech living in Greece. 

Few years ago I created my little driftwood stick men, they are the heroes of  photo stories where I share my thoughts and opinions about nowadays life. 

If you like what I do please consider to  Buy Me A Coffee, you will help offset the hours of time  and other that I invest into my content. 

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Someone bought 3 coffees.

I wish we could come to beloved Crete soon, take care, love d peace

Thank you, may we meet again ❤️ 

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Enjoy a few coffees and keep making these super awesome leaf shoulder bracelets me and my mum still love so much! All the best and stay healthy,  Caroline and Silvia 💕

Thank you so much, lovely ladies, I wish we repeat trip to Lissos one day! Love love love