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According to St. Ignatius of Loyola, sacramentality means finding God in all things. This is the lens through which Seth and Tsh host their weekly conversations with you — and if you'd like to buy their next round (or three) and grab a seat at the table, you're welcome to join.
Lauren bought 2 drinks.

Thank you so much for your work, Tsh and Seth. You truly bring such truth and beauty. I'm always eager to hear your conversation and perspectives each week.

Lauren, we're honored you think so. Thanks so much!

MKoz bought 5 drinks.

The ideas in your podcast sit with me throughout my week. Thank you for sharing yourselves and inspiring me to show up in the world more authentic, balanced and accepting of God's unique gifts and graces.

Well now, what a lovely thing to say! This is exactly what we aim for, so we're so glad to hear. Thanks for your support!

Emily Adams
Emily Adams bought 3 drinks.

I love the show!

Thanks, Emily!

Becky Kuiper @rebeccajkuiper (not on Twitter, that is Instagram)
Becky Kuiper @rebeccajkuiper (not on Twitter, that is Instagram) bought 3 drinks.

i just like the way you both think, and there arent too many people our age in my town that talk about these things. grateful to listen in!

Thanks, Becky! Always a treat to meet likeminded folks.

Lori M.
Lori M. bought 3 drinks.

I really enjoyed your recent conversations and also hearing from Kyle. Tsh, your Friday 5 list has led me to many good things.

Thanks so much, Lori! Really appreciate the encouragement.