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Thanks so much for the coffee! You're helping me keep doing all the things to try to help people find more self-compassion and do the cool stuff that they have been wanting to do.

Here's the fancy bio if you're curious about me: Dr. Jo has been a psychologist for 14 years and living with chronic illnesses since the age of 15. They've worked in community mental health, university counseling centers, multiple Veterans Affairs hospitals, nursing homes, and now private practice. Since they're a recovering overachiever, Dr. Jo's also an author, an editor, a chronic illness coach, a creativity coach, a registered yoga teacher, and is trained as a death & mourning doula. They're the author of I Can't Fix You--Because You're Not Broken: The Eight Keys to Freeing Yourself From Painful Thoughts and Feelings. They have been known to dress as a unicorn--repeatedly.