OK, so I am at the end of my first month on BuyMeACoffee and so how is it going?


  • Posts - 9

  • Extras published - 4 (I don’t expect that to happen every month)

  • Did a lot of work on the maths4biosciences website - added some new videos to the feedback. Added in BuyMeACoffee links. Set up direct links to the calculations — seems to have had an impact as page views are up — but still far too low. 

  • New videos to YouTube — 2

  • BuyMeACoffee — 70

  • Coffees bought for me — 0

I have also spent the month sorting out my YouTube Channel — I added in links to BuyMeACoffee, created playlists, added in metadata (tags) to videos that didn’t have any and generally ‘blew the dust off’ by removing old videos.  Net impact?  Zero. Views are about the same, and I’m three down on the usual number of subscribers I pick up per month.