CHAPTER 4 – The 4 Dapper Princes From The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been the hottest topic on the campus forum in the past two years.

Other than being the first faculty in the campus’ history to walk away with both Mr Campus and Miss Campus in the same year, the faculty is also filled with gorgeous looking students including a pair of twins.

The most talked about are none other than Zayden, Enzo, Maximus and Titus who have been termed as the 4 dapper princes by their many fans, females and males.

With a height of 190cm and weighing 85kg, the rugby player sized Zayden is like a hulk to his best buddies.

With huge thick muscles, smooth floppy hair, thick dark eyebrows, big round eyes that cast piercing looks every single time and a blemish free smooth skin, hordes of fans are already worshipping Zayden as the carbon copy Captain America.

Zayden’s parents sent him to a nanny when he was 4 years old as they were too preoccupied with their careers. Zayden stayed with the nanny till his parents divorced the year he turned 6.

Zayden was then brought home by his father and taken care of by his grandmother so Zayden has always look up to his nanny and his grandmother as the mother in his growing up years.

However, he lost contact with his nanny after his father brought him home and all he could recall was how much he enjoyed himself playing with his nanny’s children.

Zayden’s parents remarried few years later and each have their own family. He never seems to be able to get along with his parents and their respective families.

Zayden learnt swimming, tennis, golf when he was growing up and loves playing piano for his grandmother.

Moving into his bachelor pad at age 18, Zayden will always makes an effort to visit his grandmother every weekend.

Zayden’s parents showered him with lavish gifts in absence of parental love. He received his first BMW from his private wealth banker mother when he obtained his driving licence and his CEO father bought him his first property - a one-bedroom apartment condominium in the most prestigious location.

Two years later, Zayden already owns two condominium apartments and now drives a BMW M8 Coupe that of course makes him the most sought after hunk in campus.

Maybe because of the lack of parental love and attention, Zayden has grown up as a quiet person; devoid of emotions and an aloof persona. He only opens up and let his inner emotions come out when he is with his grandmother and his three best buddies – Enzo, Maximus and Titus.

Zayden first met Titus in senior high school and the two alpha males did not necessarily hit it off right from the start. Titus is shorter than Zayden by 8cm but with his 80kg bulk, he too is a giant.

Unlike Zayden’s handsome princely look, Titus is more of rugged manliness with obvious stubbles that never seem to be able to shave clean.

Titus disliked Zayden at first sight, other than jealous at Zayden’s gorgeous look; he was turned off by Zayden’s aloof attitude. It took more than six months for the two giants to warm up to each other and once they did, they become the best buddies and enrolled into the same university after senior high.

Even though Zayden and Titus have been best buddies, there is still the alpha male rivalry between them that spur them to always compete with each other in a friendly manner including the time when the two of them competed with each other to represent their faculty for Mr Campus.

Titus hitched a ride from Zayden to the university first day of school and the first people they met after Zayden parked his car were Maximus and Enzo when their car almost collided with Zayden’s BMW.

Instead of engaging into argument, Maximus’ goofy behavior made any frosty situation that day into fun moments.

It was also that day when Titus and Maximus realized they stay in the same hall – Ridge Hall that is at the opposite end of the campus from Earl’s Hall where Enzo stays.

Maximus and Enzo are twins, separated by 5 minutes with Maximus as the elder brother. While they are twins and look almost identical, they can’t be anymore different character wise.

Both Maximus and Enzo have thick dark eyebrows, single eyelids, sharp defined nose and glossy lips that make them distinctively Korean looking which is not surprising since they got their handsome looks from their Korean father.

Other than the identical facial features, both Maximus and Enzo are short sighted, have the same flawless skin, same height at 176cm and even weigh the same at 68kg with well-defined toned bod due to their love of basketball.

Sometimes even their own parents have trouble identifying who is who when both Maximus and Enzo don’t speak so they devise their own little way to differentiate themselves for their parents. Maximus pierces left side of his ear while Enzo both sides of his ears.

Once their identical looks are out of the way, anyone can see the stark difference when their characteristics and habits show.

Maximus enjoys flirting with people, funny in a goofy manner and full of mischiefs; always making fun of the staid Enzo.

Maximus will be the first to take off his top to flaunt his strong chest and taut stomach at every moment he can seize.

Enzo, on the other hand, does not warm up to strangers and prefer to stick to people he is familiar with.

Enzo will only show his equally hot body to the people who mean the most to him and simply hate anyone who flirt, his own little way to show his disdain for his elder brother.

The 4 dapper princes single-handedly propel the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to be the hottest place in campus and the basketball court is usually filled with ogling crowd since they play basketball everyday.

Zayden, Enzo, Maximus and Titus are playing basketball when their ball hit Joey at his head as he is crossing the basketball court to make his way to the jogging track.

Joey rests on Zayden for a good 5 minutes before Zayden asks in his deep manly voice; “Are you feeling better? I can carry you back to your hall if you still can’t walk properly. Which hall are you staying at?

“Earl’s hall.” Joey replies while feeling the bump on his head.

That’s where Enzo is staying, he can walk you back then.” Zayden says.