CHAPTER 8 – Heart To Heart Talk

The first school week is finally coming to a close and Lukas is still avoiding Joey as much as possible, leaving early before Joey wakes up and returning to the room very late at night; usually after Joey has fallen asleep.

Looking at his G Shock watch, Joey thinks to himself; “I will head to the soccer field after this last lesson and see if Lukas is there.”

Joey is determined to find out why Lukas has been avoiding him.

Stepping out of the lecture hall, Joey isn’t too surprised to see Enzo and Maximus sitting at the bench table outside as usual the past week.

Hey handsome, join us for a game of basketball before dinner and drinks thereafter?” Maximus asks when Joey reaches the bench table.

Joey, Maximus and Enzo are startled when Hank pops out of nowhere and says; “Ok, I will join!

Enzo shoots Hank a look from the corner of his eye and deadpans, “Nobody asks you.

Maximus looks happy to see Hank, “Hah you are here again. You are here everyday, sure looks like you have an easy schedule. But sure join us!

Joey shoots Hank a glare, then turns to Maximus to say; “I don’t think I am...” Before Joey can continue to finish his sentence, Hank interrupts; “No excuses, I know you have no plans tonight.

Maximus chips in, “Sweet. Let’s go then. I am assuming Joey is taking Hank’s car?

Hank quickly corrects Maximus, “No. All 4 of us can go in Enzo’s car.”

Enzo stares at Hank and opens his mouth but Maximus beats him to it; “Sure. Let’s go!”

When they reach Enzo’s Mazda 6, Hank quickens his pace to the front passenger’s seat and says to Maximus, “You wouldn’t mind me sitting beside Enzo right?

Maximus shrugs and opens the back seat car door for Joey.

Titus is already shooting some balls when Enzo’s car pulls up at the car park lot beside the basketball court.

Not seeing Zayden anywhere, Joey asks; “Zayden is not playing with us?

No, he has to send Georgina to her location shoot but he will meet us later for dinner and drinks.” Titus replies.

Not paying any attention to what Titus says, Hank says out loud; “I want to be in the same team as Enzo.” Enzo ignores Hank.

Since they are of odd number, they are unable to split into two teams to compete fairly so Maximus starts to look around to see if he can get anyone to join.

The campus is almost empty by that time when Hank spots a familiar figure at the football field, “Jo, is that your roommate whatever his name is?

Joey looks at the direction Hank points. Joey’s eyes lit up when he sees Lukas, he runs towards the football field.

Lukas is surprised to see Joey running towards him, he is contemplating to run away but Joey is too fast for him.

Lukas! Geez, I have not seen you the entire week even though we are roommie. Come join us for a game of basketball first then we will go for dinner and drinks. Will be good to mingle around more.”

Lukas stammers, “Err. I am waiting for my soccer mates for a soccer game.

By now, Hank has also caught up with Joey and hears what Lukas just said.

What nonsense. There is not even a single soul around. Don’t you spoil my moments with my Oppa, come!” Not waiting for any response, Hank drags Joey and Lukas by each hand to run back to the basketball court.

The sextuple compete aggressively and by the time they shoot the last ball, almost 2 hours have gone.

“We make the perfect team, my Oppa!” Hank exclaims when he shoots the final winning ball into the net.

Staring at Hank, Enzo says, “Titus is the one who anchor our team to win. And I am not your Oppa!” Hank continues to be smitten and swoons, “Damn, why are you so cute?”

Titus and Maximus laugh hard at Hank’s forlorn look and Enzo’s embarrassed face, but Lukas looks impressed with Hank’s directness.

Ok, let’s make our way to our halls to freshen up before we head out for dinner. Titus, you can shower at my room so I will go with you in your car.” Maximus says to Titus when they are ready to make a move.

Enzo drives Joey, Hank and Lukas back to Earl’s Hall. After getting out of Enzo’s car, Hank walks up to Enzo and says; “I will shower in your room.

No! You stay where you are.” Enzo rejects fervently.

The quadruple meet Maximus and Titus at the dining place, a cosy restaurant at the leafy hillside.

After settling down and proceeding to make their order, Joey asks curiously; “Shouldn’t we wait for Zayden?”

Oh, he is not joining us. He called me earlier to say Georgia’s photo shoot is taking a longer time than expected and she needs him to drive her home.” Maximus replies.

The sextuple adjourn to a drinking place after dinner and after a few rounds of drinks (Maximus makes sure Titus and Enzo only have a glass of whisky each since they are driving), they decide to call it a night with Titus driving Maximus back to his hall while the rest follow Enzo’s car.

Lukas starts to feel a little giddy after getting off Enzo’s car, sensing he could be tipsy, Joey holds Lukas by his shoulder and says to Hank; “How are you going back? You park your car at our admin building right?

Hank suddenly stutters a little and with a drowsy look, he says; “I don’t think I can walk back at this point. I will rest at Enzo’s room for a while to sober up first.”

What?!”Enzo exclaims.

Joey sees through Hank’s pretense and looking at Enzo’ uneasiness, he says with a stern voice; “You will rest in our room.”

At this exact moment, Lukas says loudly; “No!

The quadruple stand in the car park with an awkward silence, Enzo finally gives in; “The room is too small to rest three big men.”

He looks at Hank and continue, “One hour is all you get to sober up or I will kick you out.

Resting Lukas onto his bed, Joey is about to get up when Lukas pulls him down and he falls into Lukas’ embrace, with their faces so close to each other, Lukas whispers; “I have to shower, I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

Joey is surprised Lukas remembers what Hank told him when they first met, he smiles; “You are tipsy, just go ahead and sleep. I am fine, as long not sleeping on my bed.”

Lukas wraps his arms on Joey’s neck and pulls him down further, their lips almost touching before Lukas whispers again, “Can I sleep with you? I like you.”

Joey pushes Lukas and springs away, he looks at Lukas who by now seems to sober up and sits up.

Both of them look at each other silently for a while before Joey speaks first, “You are drunk.”

Don’t be angry, Joey. I am sorry but I just couldn’t control myself. I have been trying so hard to avoid seeing you so that I can suppress my feelings. It’s just too hard. Please, I am really sorry. I don’t mean to scare you with my confession.” Lukas’ voice is barely audible.

Taking a few steps back, Joey says gently; “That’s why you leave so early every morning and only come back after I sleeps. There’s really no need for you to do that.”

Lukas looks at Joey lovingly, “Are you saying you feel something for me too? “ and reaches out to want to hold Joey. Joey steps back further.

Joey shakes his head slowly and apologizes, “I am sorry. I see you as a friend, my roomie.” Lukas slumps back onto his bed, eyes downcast.

Joey continues, “I hope tonight will not make you any more uncomfortable, I really like you as a roomie.”

Over at Enzo’s room, Hank quickly rests himself on the bed after Enzo lets him in. “Hey, not the bed. There’s the chair, you idiot.” Enzo scolds.

Hank takes off his shirt, showing off his extremely drool worthy body and closes his eyes. Enzo feels his face turning red and quickly averts his gaze elsewhere.

Why are you taking your shirt off for?” Enzo mutters under his breath and at the same time, wonders why is he feeling flustered since this is definitely not the first time he sees a topless man.

Seeing Hank lying there motionless with his eyes closed, Enzo’s sense of loss suddenly changes to anger bottling up, he walks towards Hank and gives him a kick; “Wake up, you idiot!

Hank gives out a yelp at the painful kick, “That hurts. Why are you always so angry with me? All I want is to make you happy, to be with you. I really like you.”

Enzo drags the chair over and sits down, he lets out a loud sigh, “Both of us are men, what are you talking about? Don’t play this kind of juvenile game, it’s really stupid.”

I don’t care you are a man, or am I gay or what. All I know I like you as a person, straight or gay. Why must I suppress my own feelings for another person? I say what I want and do what I should be doing.” Hank protests.

I am not gay.” Enzo says softly.

Hank pulls Enzo’s chair towards him, looking at Enzo’s startled look, he says gently; “I don’t know if I am gay too but I don’t care. I also don’t care whether you are gay or not. I just want to show my affections for you. Why should being gay or not comes into this equation?”

Enzo tries to wrestle his chair away from Hank who is holding on to the chair strongly, he gives up after failing to do so, “Don’t waste your time. It will not happen.”

Hank looks straight into Enzo’s eyes, “I said it earlier, I don’t care. All I know is I want you and I will do my best to make you mine. Who knows what will happen in the future?”

Enzo gets up from the chair and makes a dash to the door to open it, he points outside; “You get out of here now!”

Hank looks at Enzo pensively and tries to buy time; “My headache is still killing me. How am I supposed to leave now? You wouldn’t want me to get into an accident, right?”

Fine. In that case, I will leave and come back in an hour’s time.” Enzo says.

Hank quickly hops up from the bed and sprints to the door to stop Enzo from leaving, he pleads; “Please! Okay, I will leave. You just stay here and rest well.”

Once Hank steps out of the room, Enzo shuts the door without saying anything.