Jun 04, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 17

CHAPTER 17 – Let Me Walk With YouHank sticks himself to Enzo and Maximus the whole day at the villa and the rest of the group continue to gossip about Zayden, Joey, Ryker, Lukas, Titus and Georgina’s sudden early departure.After forcing Enzo to give a download on Zayden’s situation, Maximus’ astonished look is unmistakable, he quips; “I always find it weird the two of them never hold hands in public even though Zayden is almost at her beck and call every... more

May 07, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 16

CHAPTER 16 – Ace The Ex BoyfriendWith his lips bleeding, Zayden pushes Titus away and makes his way to another room where Maximus and Enzo stay with Titus. Once inside the room, Zayden quickly takes a cold shower.Lukas feels his heart pumping way too fast when taking off Joey’s singlet with shaking hands, he then caresses Joey naked torso and presses his lips onto Joey when there is a knock on the door.The knock startles Lukas and he jumps away from Joey, unable to react. The knocks... more

Apr 03, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 15

Pushing Titus gently away, Georgina looks a little uneasy before she says; “You shouldn’t be doing that.”Titus apologizes, “I am sorry if I had made you uncomfortable. I really like you a lot.”When Zayden drives Joey back to the campus, they have both missed the first lesson after lunch.Slipping into the lecture hall at second half, Georgina notices Zayden’s smile on his handsome face, a smile she has not seen before.Georgina knows she has to do something... more

Mar 06, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 14

CHAPTER 14 – Zayden, Georgina and TitusThe more Georgina thinks about Zayden’s cold reaction towards her at his grandmother’s funeral service, the more concerned she grows.Georgina picks up her phone to call Zayden, “Zay, can you pick me up tomorrow morning to go to class?”Zayden hesitates for a while before replying, “Not tomorrow, I can’t. I am in the midst of something, got to go.” and hangs up on Georgina.Suppressing her anger, she dials... more

Feb 05, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 13

CHAPTER 13 – Ryker Makes The MoveBoth Zayden and Joey remain silent on their way back to Earl’s Hall, Joey mumbles a soft thank you and get off the car before Zayden can stop him.Getting off his car after Joey, Zayden sees Ryker walking up to them and decides against calling out to Joey.Joey is surprised to see Ryker, “Are you waiting for me?”Ryker stops in front of Joey, too close for Zayden’s comfort; he says in his trademark manly baritone, “I have been... more

Jan 15, 2022

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 12

CHAPTER 12 – When We Were YoungThe night before Enzo is to be discharged, Hank strolls over to Enzo’s ward after Joey leaves.Hank climbs onto Enzo’s bed and snuggles up to him when he sees Enzo already fallen asleep.Enzo is woken up by Hank’s action, he tries to push Hank away but Hank holds on to him tight.“What are you doing? Let go of me.” Enzo says in hushed tone.Hank ignores Enzo and pretends to snore softly.Despite how hard Enzo tries to break away from... more

"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 10
"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 4 Coming Up Next Month!
"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 4
"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 5 Coming Up Next Month!
"Those Moments, Our Memories" Chapter 5