CHAPTER 13 – Ryker Makes The Move

Both Zayden and Joey remain silent on their way back to Earl’s Hall, Joey mumbles a soft thank you and get off the car before Zayden can stop him.

Getting off his car after Joey, Zayden sees Ryker walking up to them and decides against calling out to Joey.

Joey is surprised to see Ryker, “Are you waiting for me?”

Ryker stops in front of Joey, too close for Zayden’s comfort; he says in his trademark manly baritone, “I have been waiting for you the past few nights but never gets to see you.

Oh? Anything wrong? Why are you waiting for me?” Joey asks innocently.

Remember that night I told you I am going to court you, well that is what I am doing.” Ryker says loud enough for Zayden to hear.

Zayden feels his blood rushing through his veins but suppresses the mounting anger.

Joey looks embarrassed and turns to look at Zayden who quickly hides his emotion and looks nonchalant.

Not seeing any reaction from Zayden; Joey turns back to Ryker and says, “Not funny. I am really tired and want to crash.”

Before Zayden can say anything, Ryker butts in, “I will walk you back then.”

Ryker then reaches out to hold Joey’s hands and continues saying, “I can carry you if you are too tired to walk.”

Joey quickly says no and tries to shake off Ryker’s hands but Ryker’s grip is too strong.

Looking at the sight, Zayden loses his cool and gets back into his car and drive off.

Feeling somewhat disappointed over Zayden’s silence on the way back and his lack of interest over Ryker’s flirting, Joey takes a deep breath and follows Ryker towards the lobby of Earl’s Hall.

Ryker stops in his tracks before the flight of stairs and turns around, Joey who has been walking with his head down; falls into Ryker protruding chest.

Ow, I am so sorry.” Joey apologizes.

“Why apologize? I like you resting on my chest, and also your hands on my waist that night we went for a drive. I like how you look and your very attractive persona so it pains me seeing you like this.” Ryker hugs Joey close to him.

Joey feels his face flushing hot and tries to break away but once again Ryker is too strong for him. “Let me go.” Joey pleads.

Ryker releases Joey from his hug, he says gently; “Have I hurt you? I just dislike seeing you looking so listless, I enjoy seeing your bright smile with the twinkle in your eyes so I feel I have to protect you if someone hurts you.”

Joey shakes his head and apologizes, “I am sorry to make you worry, I just want some quiet moments to myself.”

Ryker reaches out for Joey’s chin and lifts his face to look at him in the eyes, “Understood. Let’s go for a spin and you get to enjoy the night breeze for your quiet moments.”

Ryker holds Joey’s hands to walk towards his motorbike parked at the car park.

Zooming through the highway in Ryker’s Ducati 916, Joey holds on to Ryker’s waist and rests his head on the back of Ryker’s shoulder when the cold breeze brings sleepiness to his tired mind.

Noticing the speed getting slower, Joey lifts his head up from Ryker’s shoulders and sees that they have reached the beach when Ryker’s motorbike pulls to a stop.

Placing Joey’s hand on his shoulders to help him get off the motorbike, Ryker pulls Joey towards him and with his modular helmet still on, reaches for Joey’s helmet to help him to take it off.

Joey’s mood lifts up considerably, feeling pampered with Ryker’s masculine and protective mannerisms.

Why are we at the beach?” Joey asks.

“When I need to clear my head, beach is always my number one choice. Not to mention, the beach can also be a romantic place with the sea rippling sounds.” Ryker says with a smile.

Joey smiles, “This is the first time I am able to see you as someone with a romantic streak.”

Ryker lets out a laugh, “So what kind of a man did you see me as before this?”

For starters, I would not have seen you as a man who will go for another man.” Joey offers.

Ryker nods in agreement, “Well women or men don’t matter much to me, it’s the person that counts.”

Joey couldn’t stop himself from blurting out, “You and Hank will make best friends.”

Ryker gives a funny look before saying, “I don’t care who Hank is, I am only interested in you.” and places his arm over Joey, pulling him to his embrace.

Taken aback by the aggressive gesture, Joey allows himself to fall into Ryker’s embrace and lies on his chest; listening to his strong heartbeat and thinking to himself, “Why can’t Zayden be like him?”

As if Ryker is able to read Joey’s mind, he asks gently; “Am I right to say my strongest competitor is Zayden?”

Joey gets up from Ryker’s embrace, looks at him with a surprised look; “What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

It’s too obvious, my baby. The way you looked at him earlier tells me everything.”

But I don’t know what he thinks about me, sometimes I thought I felt something from him but most times, there seems to be an invisible wall between us.” Joey admits and continues, “I am sorry to tell you all these things.”

Why sorry? Not as if you are rejecting me now so my chance is still intact.” Ryker inches closer to Joey and tries to kiss Joey but Joey turns away.

Taking the rejection in his stride, Ryker gets up and offers his hand to Joey, “Come, let’s go for a stroll and enjoy the breeze.”

Ryker locks hands with Joey while strolling, earning looks from the few people who passed by.

Joey is impressed with the Ryker’s confidence and extreme comfort in strangers’ eyes.

When they reach the far end of the beach, Ryker releases his hand and moves Joey to look at him directly, “Time to relax more and be a man.” Ryker says with a naughty wink.

Joey’s face turns red when Ryker takes off his tee shirt, revealing his amazing 8 packs on his taut stomach, and then pulls down his jeans; standing in front of Joey in his black boxers.

What are you doing?” Joey looks away; he himself is surprised at his own shyness, as he has never feels this uncomfortable in front of another man.

Ryker looks amused at Joey’s reaction and teases, “What are you thinking about? Hahaha! I just want us to go for a night swim!”

Without waiting for Joey to respond, Ryker overpowers Joey and undresses him to his white briefs.

Taking a long good look at Joey, which makes Joey extremely uncomfortable again, Ryker lets out a wolf whistle and says, “So sexy. Let’s go into the cold water now before my imagination runs wild.”

After swimming in the sea for a while, both Ryker and Joey get out of the water and lie down on the soft sand.

Looking up at the stars, Ryker asks softly, “Feeling better already?”Hmm yes.” Joey replies with a smile.

Ryker sits up and bends over to Joey, wanting to kiss him but Joey pushes him away gently; “Good try.” Joey says playfully.

Never fault a man for trying.” Ryker laughs.

It is almost morning by the time Ryker drives Joey back to Earl’s Hall.

Walking him to his room doorstep, Ryker is too fast for Joey and manages to plant a quick peck on Joey’s rosy cheeks.

Ryker gives off a smirk and says. “Succeeded this time. Sleep tight, I will pick you up later at noon and take you out.”

But it’s Saturday, I want to go home to see my family.” Joey protests.

“I will send you home after our date then. I promise I will not take up your entire Saturday.” Ryker aims for Joey’s lips this time but Joey ducks in time.

Don’t push your luck too far.” Joey deadpans.

Closing the door after him, Joey feels his legs going a little weak and slumps to the floor.

What just happened? This is definitely not the first time a man hits on me but I am actually feeling flustered with his advances.” Joey thinks to himself.

Joey snaps out of his daydreaming state and look at Lukas’s bed, Lukas is sound asleep with the blanket rolled to one side; revealing his fit naked body under the first ray of sunlight peeking through the windows.

Joey thinks to himself, “This is the first time I see him sleeps naked. Maybe he thought I am not coming back last night so he feels more at ease and not so uptight.”

Joey reaches for his towel to hit the showers.

When a ping on Joey’s phone wakes him up a few hours later, Lukas is no longer in the room.

Flipping over to reach for his phone, he sees a Telegram message from Ryker. “Be there in an hour.”

Joey is about to leave the room when Lukas comes back topless, dripping wet with sweat.

Lukas’ surprised look turns into shyness when their eyes meet, “Oh I thought you would have left for home by now. Sorry you have to see me in this state again.”

I am about to head out. What’s there to be sorry about, we are all men. I guess you went for your soccer game again?” Joey smiles.

Lukas nods before saying, “Have not seen you a lot this week, enjoy your weekend.”

Before getting on Ryker’s motorbike, Joey insists to put on the modular helmet himself and asks, “You promised to send me home in the evening so where we are going?”

“This afternoon is for you to have a taste of my typical Saturday afternoon and if you are inviting me to have dinner with your family later, I am all set.” Ryker looks straight into Joey’s eyes with intensity.

Ryker brings Joey to his favourite quaint café for lunch before driving him to his gym to watch him practice a good three hours of Muay Thai, showing off his testosterone to the maximum.