CHAPTER 14 – Zayden, Georgina and Titus

The more Georgina thinks about Zayden’s cold reaction towards her at his grandmother’s funeral service, the more concerned she grows.

Georgina picks up her phone to call Zayden, “Zay, can you pick me up tomorrow morning to go to class?”

Zayden hesitates for a while before replying, “Not tomorrow, I can’t. I am in the midst of something, got to go.” and hangs up on Georgina.

Suppressing her anger, she dials Titus; “Titus, are you free now? Can we meet?”

Titus is already waiting at the hotel lounge when Georgina arrives.

After ordering her cocktail, she looks at Titus with her sparkling big eyes and asks; “You are the only one who can help me. I want to know everything about that Joey.”

Why do you need to know about Joey?” Titus asks curiously but this is the first time he sees the usually icy queen almost breaking into tears and the sight pains him a lot.

While Titus is telling Georgina everything he knows about Joey at the hotel lounge, Zayden is sitting on his six-figure sum Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa and fiddling his IPhone 13 Pro Max before deciding to call Joey.

Joey is surprised to see Zayden’s name pops up on his phone screen when his phone rings and picks up the call.

Hey, it’s me. I just want to ask if it is ok for me to fetch you tomorrow to go to school?” Zayden speaks on the other line.

“I am staying home tonight so will not be at the hall.”Joey says.

I will pick you up from your home then, where is home?” Zayden presses on.

Ensuring he wakes up on time the next morning, Zayden can’t help but to feel butterflies in his stomach on his way to Joey’s home.

Zayden is fidgeting mindlessly inside the car and his eyes lit up when he sees Joey approaching his car.

Zayden gets out from his car seat and opens the car door for Joey, surprising Joey with his gesture.

Joey laughs, “Such a gentleman but I ain’t no fair lady.”

An embarrassed look flashes across Zayden’s strong manly face.

Before Zayden starts his car engine, Joey asks curiously, “Why are you sending me to class today?”

Zayden is at a loss with the question and moves the wrong gear, causing his car to jerk.

Zayden quickly apologizes and after regaining his composure, he skirts the question and says; “Must there be a reason for everything?”

Not used to seeing Zayden so anxiously uptight, Joey says nothing and both of them maintain their silence throughout the journey.

When Zayden’s BMW M8 coupe enters the faculty’s car park and moves into a parking lot, Titus’ Lexus RX 300 takes the empty lot beside.

After getting out of their cars, Georgina walks over to Zayden and slides her slender arms around Zayden.

I have to ask Titus to give me a ride because you can’t. See how much trouble you caused for Titus.” Georgina pouts, ignoring Joey who is now standing beside Titus.

There is a look of discomfort on Titus’ face when he sees Georgina behaving intimately with Zayden.

Zayden releases his arms gently from Georgina’s grab, looks at Titus and says, “Thanks bud.”

Zayden then looks at Joey, trying to see whether there is any hint of unhappiness on Joey’s sweet pretty face but there is none.

At the same moment, Enzo’s Mazda 6 pulls into another empty lot.

Are we having an impromptu gathering or what?” Maximus laughs when he and Enzo catch up with group.

Once the six of them reach the building, Zayden walks up close to Joey and asks; “I see you for lunch?”

Joey looks at Enzo before replying, “But Hank texts me this morning he wants to come meet me for lunch too. Will that be a problem?” Zayden and Maximus turn to look at Enzo too.

Rolling his mesmerizing bright eyes, Enzo deadpans; “I know he is coming. We can all do lunch together.”

Titus and Georgina look lost but Georgina asks nonetheless, “What have I been missing out?”

Hank is already waiting downstairs the building when Joey walks out of the lecture hall after his lesson wraps up.

Joey walks up to the dashing as usual Hank and asks point blank, “You have been skipping enough classes already!”

Hank flips his finger at Joey’s sharp nose playfully before saying, “Correction. Not skipping classes but rather just gets out of them earlier!”

Hank then holds Joey’s hands and says impatiently, “Let’s go to the canteen already, I can’t wait to see my baby.”

When Hank and Joey reach the canteen, they see Maximus waving at them from the far end corner.

Hank quickens his pace and forgets all about Joey, leaving Joey feeling bemused.

Once they are at the table, Hank walks towards Maximus and asks, “Can you give up your seat? I want to sit beside Enzo.”

Before Enzo can protest, Maximus already springs up; “By all means.”

At the same time, Zayden stands up and walks to Joey, “Let’s head out for lunch.”

Georgina stands up as well, biting her quivering lips, she looks straight at Zayden; “Where are you going?”

All eyes are on Georgina, especially Titus while Joey looks lost.

Joey looks at Hank then Georgina and finally resting his eyes on Zayden; “I thought we are all lunching here together?”

No, I want to lunch with you separately.” Zayden says without missing a beat.

Georgina by now, has lost her icy cool demeanor, demands again; “I said where are you going, Zayden?”

Ignoring Georgina, Zayden looks at Joey and says, “Let’s go.” and walks away. Joey looks apologetically at the group before rushing after Zayden.

Georgina loses her cool and wants to chase after but Titus pulls her back.

Let’s go elsewhere, Georgi.” Titus says to Georgina softly.

When Joey catches up with Zayden, he raises his voice a little asking; “What are you doing, Zayden? Do you know how awkward it was?”

Not answering the question, Zayden says, “I want to bring you somewhere.”

Getting into Zayden’s car, Joey still has no idea where they are heading and why is Zayden behaving in this manner.

On the other hand, Georgina swings her hands away from Titus when they are out of sight from the group. She says angrily, “Why did you stop me? I will not allow Zayden to go with that boy!”

Taking a deep breath, Titus tries to adopt a soft tone as much as he can; “Tell me honestly Gina, Zayden and you, are you two together or not? If you two are not an item, what right do you have to stop him from going with another person?”

What are you saying! Zayden and me have been going out since our freshman year.”Georgina stares at Titus.

You know that’s not what I am asking. Are you and Zayden in a relationship? Have both of you explicitly promise each other to be in a relationship?” Titus asks with a firm voice.

Georgina leans onto the nearby wall to steady herself before she starts to sob, “He has never ask me that, NEVER! I have been doing so much to make him pop the question but he NEVER. He has been so accommodating to all my requests, treats me so well but he never ever asks me to be his girl.”

Titus places his hands on Georgina’s hands, he says gently; “That’s Zayden. He never knows how to reject people close to him, he accommodates to all our demands too. I don’t think he sees you in the same way you sees him.”

No, that is not true! I know he likes me but he just doesn’t want to take that step. We are such a perfect couple and I know he will ask me but that boy destroys all we have. You got to help me, Titus. Please!” Georgina is starting to get hysterical.

The sight pains Titus a lot, he has not seen Georgina losing her cool before; let alone crying in front of him. He squeezes her hands, “Don’t torture yourself like that, Georgina. It really hurts me seeing you like this.”

I love him, Titus. The past two years have been lovely, he always put me in first place. He can’t just walk away like that.” Georgina cries uncontrollably.

Titus wipes away the tears carefully before holding Georgina’s chin in his hand, “If he doesn’t like you back in the same way, there is no point for you to keep holding on. There are other better guys for you, I am one of them.”

Their eyes lock and Titus inches forward slowly, locking lips with Georgina.

Zayden’s BMW M8 Coupe pulls into the district where he used to live with Joey and his family when young, and stops at a nearby park.

Do you remember this park?” he asks Joey.

Looking around the area, Joey nods; “Yes I do. My sisters brought us here frequently for picnics and played with the swings.”

And this is also where I said I want to marry you many times.” Zayden whispers.

Joey looks at Zayden, his heart pumping furiously; “What are you trying to say, Zayden? You are behaving very weird today.”

Zayden wants to say something but stops himself; he instead gets out of his car to stretch himself. Joey gets out of the car too.

Let’s have picnic here, just like old times.” Zayden looks at Joey.

Picnic? But we don’t have any food with us.” Joey looks puzzled.

Zayden walks towards the swing and beckon Joey to join him, when they reach the swing; Joey sees a nicely wrapped picnic box on the swing.

I had someone prepared the picnic box and leave it here for us.” Zayden says with a smile on his face.

Joey feels his head spinning, he says softly, “Don’t play with my heart like this. Do you know what you are doing, Zayden? It took me many years to forget those years and promises you made. Please stop if you do not mean it.”

Zayden mumbles, “I don’t know either. You are the first and only person I said I want to marry.”