Pushing Titus gently away, Georgina looks a little uneasy before she says; “You shouldn’t be doing that.”

Titus apologizes, “I am sorry if I had made you uncomfortable. I really like you a lot.”

When Zayden drives Joey back to the campus, they have both missed the first lesson after lunch.

Slipping into the lecture hall at second half, Georgina notices Zayden’s smile on his handsome face, a smile she has not seen before.

Georgina knows she has to do something before it is too late, picking up her Samsung Galaxy Note 22; she sends a message to the Student Committee leader via Telegram.

Shortly after, the Student Committee leader sends a Telegram message to the representatives for the Mr and Miss Campus top three, the four dapper princes and last year Mr and Miss Campus.

The Telegram message reads; “As a show of appreciation to all your efforts in the recently concluded Campus Night, the committee has procured budget from the student affairs department to rent a villa for a three days two nights stay. Attendance is compulsory!”

Wrapping up the last lesson of the day, Joey walks out of the lecture hall with his classmates chatting when a familiar voice calls out to him; Joey turns around and sees Ryker.

Oh why are you doing here?” Joey signals for his classmates to go ahead without him and stops to talk to Ryker.

Taking you out for dinner.” says Ryker.

Joey looks confused, “Did we make any arrangement?”

Ryker lets out his signature manly laugh, “Do I have to make appointment to woo you? It’s fine if you already have dinner date.”

With an embarrassed smile, Joey is about to say something when Hank calls out to him.

Hey darling, you received the message from the student committee?” Hank asks from afar.

After walking close enough to Joey, Hank realized Ryker is standing beside him, he quips absent-mindedly; “Oh hey you. What are you doing here? You are not disturbing my boy, are you?”

Ryker looks at Joey and mutters loud enough for Joey to hear, “So I have another competitor? You are definitely hot property.”

At the same moment, the four dapper princes and Georgina step out from their lecture hall.

Zayden stares at Ryker, Hank quickly runs up to Enzo and wants to hug him but Enzo pushes him away; “Don’t even try.”

Maximus laughs, “What’s the occasion? We have both the previous year and current Mr Campus visiting our faculty at the same time.”

With a confident look in his eyes, Ryker says; “I am here to get Joey for dinner, I don’t suppose I have to get permission from the faculty’s four dapper princes for that; do I?”

A look of jealousy flashes across Zayden’s handsome face, which did not escape Georgina’s eyes.

Before Zayden can open his mouth to say anything, Georgina interrupts; “I need to talk to you.” and drags Zayden forcefully away.

Feeling a little unhappy that Zayden allows himself to be dragged away by Georgina, Joey gives a deadly stare at Ryker before saying to Hank, “You! You take me home now.”

But but I want to stay longer to keep my Enzo company.” Hank protests.

Joey pulls him away with such force that surprises Hank so he follows Joey like a puppy but steal glances at Enzo and mouths to him; “I am sorry.”

Enzo looks away thankfully.

Zayden stops Georgina in her tracks when they are away from the group, he asks flatly; “What is it you want to talk to me about?”

Zay, what’s wrong with you recently? You were never like that and we have been getting on so fine. I don’t want our relationship to be affected by any unrelated person.” Georgina suppresses her anger.

Wait. Relationship? What relationship?” Zayden looks confused.

You have been treating me so well, like a boyfriend these two years. Are we not in a relationship?” Georgina feels her tears welling up in her big round eyes.

Zayden’s confused look turns apologetic, he says gently; “I think you have misunderstood. I never see you as more than a good friend. I am just doing what a gentleman would do to a lady friend.

Georgina starts to sob and out of sudden, Titus appears from the corner and runs towards Zayden; throwing him a punch on his face.

The two giants are about to break into a fight when Maximus and Enzo turn up in time to break out both of them. Georgina continues to sob helplessly in one corner.

When Joey is in Hank’s Audi TT RS, Hank can no longer control his curiosity.

He asks, “What is going on in there? Why is that bad boy asking you out? Did you see Zayden’s face when the bad boy said he is asking you out? Fuck, I have so many questions!”

I will tell you over dinner, you better buy me dinner. I am stressed!” Joey’s slightly red face makes Hank reaches over to pinch his cheeks; “Can you don’t be so cute?”

Hank is extremely curious about Ryker who is going all out to woo Joey versus the aloof Zayden who is sending confused vibes.

Joey has to give him one final warning to stop asking questions when Hank asks one too many.

Hank drives Joey back to Earl’s Hall after dinner and walks him to his room.

Joey is about to put his key into the doorknob when the door opens. A topless Lukas jumps a bit, as he does not expect to see anyone at the door at that time.

Hank says to Joey without thinking, “And then we have three. Damn, you are in big trouble.”

Joey stares fiercely at Hank while Lukas is apparently unaware of what is going on, asks; “What three?”

Joey turns back to look at Lukas, “Ignore him. He is talking nonsense again. You are going for your shower? Go ahead.”

And turning to look at Hank, Joey says, “As for you, you leave right now. I don’t want to see you for the rest of the week.”

Well, we have the villa stay this coming Friday and I will still drop by your faculty to see my Enzo so you will definitely see me the whole week.” Hank rebuts playfully.

Joey finally manages to have his peaceful moment after Hank leaves, he is packing his bag and about to grab his towel when Lukas comes back from his shower.

“I thought you are not coming back since it is getting late. Oh regarding the villa stay, you are going right?” Lukas asks.

Joey lets out a sigh, “Have to since the committee has secured the budget for all of us.”

The next few days are awkward amongst the four dapper princes, with Zayden, Titus and Joey consciously not joining during lunch breaks though that does not bother Hank one bit since he relishes every opportunity he gets to spend with Enzo.

The tense mood somehow loosens up when Friday comes, and everyone is meeting at the admin building lobby to confirm arrangements to make their way to the villa.

Georgina decides to hitch a ride from Titus while Joey goes with Hank, Maximus and Enzo offer Christina and Estrid a ride; leaving Lukas to follow the others on an arranged transport and Ryker going on his bike.

Once everybody reaches the country club reception area, the committee leader begins to make the grouping arrangements to live in the 8-rooms villa.

Maximus, Enzo and Titus are in one room; Joey, Lukas and Hank in another. Christina, Estrid and the committee leader in the all-girls room with Ryker joining the rest to spread evenly into groups of three in one room but no one bats an eyelid after learning Georgina and Zayden are placed in the same room.

Bringing their belongings to their respective room, Hank asks Joey innocently; “Can I ask Titus whether he is ok to swap room with me?”

Joey shoots a dirty look at Hank, “Don’t you dare.”

In another room, after putting down Georgina’s belongings on the floor, Zayden says; “You can have the room to yourself, I will bunk in with the boys.”

Georgina pleads, “Can you please don’t do this to me?”

Zayden leaves the room without looking back.

Once everyone’s belongings are in their rooms, they converge outside the living room for activities, with the private pool beside.

The group has a lot of fun activities when Joey slips and falls into the pool.

Getting out of the pool, Joey takes off his soaked tee shirt and shows off his tanned smooth taut body.

Both Zayden and Ryker’s jaws drop and they can’t take their eyes off Joey’s well-defined chest and six packs with a sexy trail of hair from his navel down.

Noticing the lusty looks, Hank quickly grabs a towel and wraps around Joey; “Don’t flaunt your body in public!”

He then turns to Enzo and shouts, “And you, stay away from the pool. Make sure you keeps your shirt on at all times!”

Enzo shows Hank his middle finger.

Georgina notices Zayden’s unwavering look at Joey too, she bites her lips and leaves.

Stepping inside the living room, she sees Lukas with a towel.

Lukas asks when he sees Georgina, “Is Joey okay? I went to get a towel for him.”

He is well taken care of.” Georgina replies coldly but then she notices Lukas’ anxious look, she smiles a little; “You seem to care for Joey more than a normal friend or roommate would.”

Lukas can’t hide his embarrassment, he stammers; “I, I, I care for him as a roomie.”

Georgina walks closer to Lukas, whispers in his ears; “I can tell. There’s nothing wrong liking another man. But if I am you, I will be forthright and tell him.”

Lukas feels his bottled up frustrations swells up inside him and with nobody he can tell to, he opens up to Georgina; “He is too good for me.”

Georgina places her hands on Lukas’ shoulders; “Buck up your courage, you should let him know. I have something that can help you, come to my room to get it and I will help you to get that Hank out of the way so you have your private moments with Joey.”

Lukas follows Georgina to her room and she passes him a small vile of liquid, she says to Lukas with a firm voice; “I am helping you because I don’t want to see you suffer in silence. This is strictly between us, if you tell anyone outside this room, I will report you for making sexual advances at me.”

Georgina immediately pulls down her blouse, revealing her bra straps after saying that, and pretends to fall onto Lukas to then take a photo of the compromising situation quickly.

Lukas is speechless and unable to react.

I will have someone to lure Hank out of the room tonight, you can then do what you want to Joey with that little vile. Make sure you do it if you do not want to be labeled a sex convict.” Georgina continues coldly.

Holding the vile tightly in his hand, Lukas bumps into Hank who is fussing over Joey on their way back to the room.

Hank instructs, “I forbid you from taking off your shirt in public from now on, there were so many vultures out there!” and they do not notice Lukas’ flustered looks.

Georgina walks over to Joey and asks; “Can I have a word with you?” when everyone else is busy preparing the barbeque dinner.

Joey nods and follows Georgina to the other end of the villa.

Ensuring nobody is around, Georgina looks straight into Joey’s eyes and says in hushed tone; “What makes you think you can come in between Zayden and me? I can tell you loud and clear Zayden is not gay and never will be. You know why? Because we will be getting married anytime soon since I am pregnant!”

Joey feels his head spinning and looks at Georgina unbelievably before finding his voice, “There’s nothing between him and me, you must have misunderstood. And oh, congratulations.”

Standing extremely close to Joey, Georgina’s hushed tone turns sweet; “Thank you. You are the second person to know about the pregnancy as we only know last week. Pregnant women are very prone to wild thoughts and I constantly worry about losing my would-be husband.”

Georgina and Joey walk back to the barbeque pit and after seeing Joey walking listlessly towards the villa, Georgina signals the committee leader to ask Hank and Maximus to go and buy more charcoal and food.

Georgina then sends a Telegram message that reads, “It’s your show time now.” to Lukas.

Confirming Lukas heading into the villa after reading her message, she sends another Telegram message to Zayden that reads; “I am sorry for what happened this afternoon. Can you come to the room so I can offer you the Dom Perignon Vintage 2008 as my way of apology? We can still be friends I hope.”

Lukas opens the door and sees Joey sitting by the bedside, lost in thoughts.

Holding the mineral water nervously, he calls out to Joey; “Hey you okay?”Joey looks up and offers a weak smile.

Brought you water, just in case you are thirsty.” Lukas hesitates for a while before passing the bottle of mineral water to Joey.

Joey takes the bottle from Lukas, says with a faint smile; “Thanks.” and opens the bottle of mineral water to drink.

Within minutes, Joey feels his head spinning and his body getting weak. He drops the bottle of mineral water onto the floor and collapses onto the bed, unable to move.

Walking slowly towards the semi conscious Joey, Lukas calls out his name a few times to make sure Joey is responsive but it does not appear that Joey is alert to the surrounding.

Zayden walks up to Georgina’s room and when she opens the door, Zayden is taken aback to see Georgina in a sheer see through nightie.

He looks away and says; “I will come back later.” but Georgina pulls him into the room.

What’s there to be shy of? You have seen more when we model together. Come, let me offer you a toast as an apology. We are still friends right?” Georgina coos.

After sipping the expensive champagne, Zayden feels a mad rush of urge running through his body, making him horny yet weirdly weak.

Zayden’s breath quickens and he is now breathing hard, Georgina sits beside him and starts to caress him.

Stop it. What’s in the champagne?” Zayden growls and tries to get up but Georgina easily pull her giant back down for him to be on top of Georgina.

Georgina presses her lips against Zayden and unbuttons his shirt.

With a sudden burst of concentrated force, Zayden controls the drug effect and pushes Georgina away.

He gets up and walks toward the door but Georgina stops him in time, “You wouldn’t even touch me in your current state? Are you even a man?”

Zayden shoves Georgina aside so forcefully that she falls onto the floor; he opens the door and sees Titus.

Looking at Georgina lying on the floor sobbing, Titus strikes a punch; “You bastard!”